What is enh500?

What is enh500?

EnGenius’ ENH500 uses the latest wireless standard, 802.11n, which allows for faster wireless throughput. The ENH500 affords a great advantage to minimize the time and cost which is required to expand your network. It operates at 5GHz and is also backwards compatible with 802.11a networking equipment.

How many kW are the ehl200 and eh4200?

EHl200 Safe Area Pumps EHl200c Flameproof Pumps EH2600 7.5 kW Safe Area Pumps EH2600 11 kW Safe Area Pumps EH2600C Flameproof Pumps EH4200 75 kW Safe Area Pumps £1-14200 11 kW Safe Area Pumps EH4200c Flameproof Pumps A301-S1-93S, A301 -53-935, A301-S2-936, A30l-S4-936

How do I change the time settings on the enh500?

The ENH500 will restart automatically once the upgrade is complete. 10.6 Time Settings Click on the Time Settingslink under the Managementmenu. This page allows you to configure the time on the device. You may do this manually or by connecting to a NTP server. Manually Set Date and Time

How do I check the status of a client on enh500?

Click on the Wireless Client Listlink under the Statusdrop-down menu. This page displays the list of Clients that are associated to the ENH500. The MAC addresses and signal strength for each client is displayed.