What is dual-loop control?

What is dual-loop control?

This configuration is called dual-loop control and it works like this: Starting with the motor, the control system closes the velocity loop around the motor. Closing the velocity loop here stabilizes the system by controlling the motor velocity regardless of how the backlash causes the motor to be loaded or unloaded.

What are the two types of control loops?

Fundamentally, there are two types of control loop: open loop (feedforward) control, and closed loop (feedback) control. In open loop control, the control action from the controller is independent of the “process output” (or “controlled process variable”).

What is a dual loop alarm system?

Dual loop. Dual-loop is a method of electrical circuit termination used in electronic security applications, particularly modern intruder alarms. It is called ‘dual-loop’ because two circuits (alarm and anti-tamper) are combined into one using resistors.

What is a closed loop controller?

A closed loop controller therefore has a feedback loop which ensures the controller exerts a control action to give a process output the same as the “reference input” or “set point”. For this reason, closed loop controllers are also called feedback controllers.