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What is communalism with example?

What is communalism with example?

Communalism represented a struggle between two upper classes / strata for power, privileges and economic gain. For Example- In western Punjab at that time, Muslim landlord opposed Hindu moneylenders. In eastern Bengal, Muslim jotedars opposed Hindu zamindars.

What was communalism in India?

Communalism is a significant social issue in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Communal conflicts between religious communities in India, especially Hindus and Muslims and Christians have occurred since the period of British colonial rule, occasionally leading to serious inter-communal violence.

How many types of communalism are there in India?

Though the concept ‘Communalism’ is one topic; to make it simpler sometimes, it is defined in three ways: Political Communalism. Social Communalism. Economic Communalism.

What is the solution of communalism in India?

1. Communal parties and organisations should be banned. 2. Attention should be given for equal development of both the communities.

What is communalism in sociology class 12?

Communalism refers to aggressive chauvinism based on religious identity. Chauvinism is itself an attitude that sees one’s own group as the only legitimate or worthy group, with other groups being seen as inferior, illegitimate and opposed. • Communalism is an aggressive political ideology linked to religion.

What is communalism one sentence?

Definition of communalism 1 : social organization on a communal basis. 2 : loyalty to a sociopolitical grouping based on religious or ethnic affiliation.

What is communalism in history?

Communalism may refer to: Municipalism or municipal socialism, understood as governance through communes. Communalism (Bookchin), a theory of government in which autonomous communities form confederations. Communalism (historiography), a historical method that follows the development of communities.

What is the correct solution for communalism?

The issues related to communalism in India can be curbed by the following measures : Abolition of communalist parties, so that religion and politics can be kept separate. Imparting secular education in the schools and colleges. Developing the attitude of tolerance towards other religions with the help of mass media.

Is a solution to communalism answer?

We can end communalism by: Interacting and befriending people of different religions. We should accept the good practices and ideas of each other. Understanding economic and social problems through logic rather than prejudice.

What is communalism discuss the reason and impact of communalism on Indian society?

Impact of communalism on Indian society: Communalism has divided our society for long. It causes belief in orthodox tenets and principles, intolerance, hatred towards other religions and religious group, distortion of historical facts and communal violence.

What is the meaning of communalism in sociology?