What is Chobham famous for?

What is Chobham famous for?

Chobham became known for the development represented by its tank factory and testing ground, producing Chobham armour. The terrain was carved out of Chobham Common.

What is Chobham like to live in?

“Chobham is a fantastic village with beautiful properties and great transport links,” says John Fisher, head of the country office at Sotheby’s International Realty. “It has some superb pubs and restaurants as well as a church in the centre and a great primary school — everything you could want from a village.”

Why is Chobham called Chobham?

It is believed that one of their chieftains called Ceabba established a settlement on the ridge of dry ground between two rivers (the Bournes). It became known as Ceabba’s Ham (ham meaning settlement). The place name evolved through the centuries to Chobham.

Does Chobham have a station?

The Longcross station is the nearest one to Chobham Common in Surrey Heath.

How does Chobham Armour work?

Instead of rounded forms, the turrets of tanks using Chobham armour typically have a slab-sided appearance. The backing plate reflects the impact energy back to the ceramic tile in a wider cone. This dissipates the energy, limiting the cracking of the ceramic, but also means a more extended area is damaged.

How do you pronounce Burpham?

Burpham (Bur-fam) is often pronounced “burp-ham”, which doesn’t sound too pleasant. A village near Guildford, it has a population of 5,221 and, just to add to the confusion, there is another Burpham in West Sussex. Molesey (Mole-sey) is often pronounced “Mose-ley” (which in actual fact a suburb of south Birmingham).

Why is there a Station Road in Chobham?

Unfortunately for the people of Chobham it was that bit that they were looking forward to, and it is often noted that they hastily named ‘Station Road’ in anticipation of their new link to the outside world being built. In 1902 their hopes must have been revived with the Woking & Bagshot Light Railway being proposed.

Where is Chobham in England?

Chobham, a village and a parish in Surrey. The village stands on Bourn Brook, near Bagshot Heath and the Basing-stoke Canal, 3½ miles WNW of Woking station on the L. & S.W.R., and 5½ SW of Chertsey. It has a post, money order, and telegraph office under Woking.

Is Cobham a town or city in Surrey?

Cobham, Surrey. Cobham ( /ˈkɒbəm/) is a village in the Borough of Elmbridge in Surrey, England, centred 17 miles (27 km) south-west of London and 10 miles (16 km) northeast of Guildford on the River Mole. It has a commercial/services High Street, a significant number of primary and private schools and the Painshill landscape park .

Is there a real Chobham House?

Unfortunately Chobham House is now only represented by a farm-house. Brook Place, called Malt House on the old ordnance map, is a small, square, and picturesque 17th-century building, now a farm-house, situated about a mile to the west of Chobham village. It is built in red brick with tiled roofs, and two stories and an attic.

Who are Chobham Rugby Club?

Chobham F.C. were members of the Combined Counties Football League until the end of the 2010–11 season, when they were relegated to the Surrey Elite Intermediate League . Chobham Rugby Club is a community rugby club with more than 2000 members.