What is apoptosis give an example?

What is apoptosis give an example?

= Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death. It is used during early development to eliminate unwanted cells; for example, those between the fingers of a developing hand.

How does caspase-9 cause apoptosis?

Active caspase-9 works as an initiating caspase by cleaving, thus activating downstream executioner caspases, initiating apoptosis. Once activated, caspase-9 goes on to cleave caspase-3, -6, and -7, initiating the caspase cascade as they cleave several other cellular targets.

What is caspase independent apoptosis?

We define caspase-independent cell death (CICD) as death that ensues when a signal that normally induces apoptosis fails to activate caspases. Even so, CICD often shares common characteristics with apoptotic cell death (Table 1).

What is the theory of apoptosis?

‘Apoptosis’ refers to a particular morphology in which the chromatin condenses or coalesces to heterochromatin in one or more masses in the nucleus. It usually settles along the still-intact nuclear membrane (referred to as margination of the chromatin, and illustrated in. 1).

What are some examples of apoptosis that allow an organism to maintain integrity?

Other examples of apoptosis during normal development include the loss of a tadpole’s tail as it turns into a frog, and the removal of unneeded neurons in as neural circuits in the brain are “wired.”

What is the role of caspase-3 in apoptosis?

Caspase-3 is known as an executioner caspase in apoptosis because of its role in coordinating the destruction of cellular structures such as DNA fragmentation or degradation of cytoskeletal proteins (1).

Is Necroptosis caspase dependent?

Both complex IIa and complex IIb can induce either apoptosis or necroptosis, which is dependent on whether the caspase-8 activity is present or not, respectively (4, 48).

What role does apoptosis have in the body for example during brain development?

In humans for example, brain cells undergo apoptosis prior to and following birth to eliminate excess brain cells and streamline nerve impulses. Apoptosis also occurs in some cells that the body identifies as cancerous to prevent the spread of the cancer and kill the cancerous cells.

What are the 4 stages of apoptosis?

To illustrate these apoptosis events and how to detect them, Bio-Rad has created a pathway which divides apoptosis into four stages: induction, early phase, mid phase and late phase (Figure 1).