What is another word for miscommunication?

What is another word for miscommunication?

misinterpretation, misconception, confusion, mistake, communications.

What is the verb form of possible?

When something is possible, it can happen. The verb form would be ‘happens’.

What is the difference between miscommunication and misunderstanding?

As nouns the difference between miscommunication and misunderstanding. is that miscommunication is an interaction between two parties in which information was not communicated as desired while misunderstanding is a mistake as to the meaning of something; erroneous interpretation; misconception .

What is the base word for possible?

Etymology. From Middle English possible, from Old French possible, from Latin possibilis (“possible”), from posse (“to be able”); see power.

What does possible mean?

capable of becoming true

What is the definition of miscommunication?

: failure to communicate clearly There was miscommunication between the reporter and her editors.

What is the new word of possible?

What is another word for possible?

feasible achievable
practicable viable
attainable realisableUK
realizableUS workable
doable manageable

What is root word of homeless?

“having no permanent abode,” 1610s, from home (n.) + -less. Old English had hamleas, but the modern word probably is a new formation.

What is a synonym for chief?

SYNONYMS. head, principal, chief executive, executive, president, chair, chairman, chairwoman, chairperson, governor, director, administrator, manager, manageress, superintendent, foreman, forewoman, controller, overseer.

What is a misunderstanding?

1 : a failure to understand : misinterpretation The instructions were carefully written to prevent misunderstanding. 2 : quarrel, disagreement an unfortunate misunderstanding between two old friends. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about misunderstanding.

What is another word for workable?

Workable Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for workable?

possible practicable
viable feasible
achievable doable
accomplishable attainable
practical realistic

What is the root or base word for misunderstand?

The root word of misunderstand is understand. The prefix ‘mis-‘ comes from Old Norse meaning ‘wrongly’, – for example, the word ‘mistake’ came from the compound verb in Old Norse, ‘mistake’, meaning ‘wrongly taken’.

What is the root word of faithful?

faithful (adj.) early 14c., “sincerely religious, devout, pious,” especially in reference to Christian practice; mid-14c., “loyal (to a lord, friend, spouse, etc.); true; honest, trustworthy,” from faith + -ful. From late 14c.

What is another word for Shorten?

Shorten Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for shorten?

abbreviate abridge
trim lessen
truncate condense
contract shrink
compress prune

What does editor-in-chief mean?

An editor-in-chief is the manager of any print or digital publication, from physical newspapers to online magazines. The editor-in-chief determines the look and feel of the publication, has the final say in what is published and what isn’t, and leads the publication’s team of editors, copyeditors, and writers.

What are the pitfalls of poor communication?

Because ineffective communication can create misunderstandings, missed opportunities, conflict, the dissemination of misinformation and mistrust, employees might just feel overall defeated. They might not be motivated to work for such a company or for such a manager who cannot communicate important matters well.