What is a verkle?

What is a verkle?

Verkles were rodents that hailed from Endor, a forest moon orbiting the planet of the same name. They were covered in short, coarse fur that was tan and white. Their flesh, when exposed, was pink.

Where can I find the bylineless Nick Jr logo?

The bylineless version can also be seen on some Nick Jr. shows, and plasters over the Nick Jr. Productions logo along with the first five episodes of The Troop on NickToons.

What is overkill productions?

OverKill Productions is a channel designed to help straighten the learning curve of simulators such as DCS World, X-Plane 11, Microsoft Flight Simulator and soon to be much more. When I first started with DCS World, the learning curve was so steep that I almost gave up. However, I wanted to fly up with the “Big Boys” so bad that I kept at it.