What is a PDP-8 computer?

What is a PDP-8 computer?

The PDP-8 Typesetting System accepts idiot tape as fast as 10 to 12 keyboard operators can produce it on Flexowriters or any other 6-level tape perforators. It turns the idiot tape into hyphenated/justified tape enough to keep at a rate of 12,000 lines per hour — 10 to 12 linecasting machines busy. PDP-8 computer.

How much does a PDP 8 controller cost?

Similar machines from DEC are the PDP-12 which is a modernized version of the PDP-8 and LINC concepts, and the PDP-14 industrial controller system. The earliest PDP-8 model, informally known as a “Straight-8”, was introduced on 22 March 1965 priced at $18,500 (equivalent to about $150,000 in 2020 ).

What is a DEC PDP-8/E monitor?

A DEC PDP-8/E monitors and controls equipment used in a surgical operating room suite. This brain surgery station served as a controller for a device that mapped the brain’s response to stimuli. Previously, brain surgeons had to keep patients awake during surgery.

What was the name of the Soviet computer that clone the PDP-8?

The USSR produced the minicomputers Saratov-1 and Saratov-2, which cloned the PDP-8 and PDP-8/E, respectively. ^ a b “PDP-8 Summary of Models and Options”.