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What is a LandCruiser Troopy?

What is a LandCruiser Troopy?

At its best, a Troopy is a two-up tourer with a cargo barrier behind the front seats to maximise use of the cargo hold. OFF-ROAD. THE 79 lurches and rolls around town, but it makes more sense when you get to low-speed, off-road driving.

Are Troopys good?

They’re still highly capable, highly respected and highly functional touring vehicles that are just about the ideal base to build the perfect tourer from. This is one example of a Troopy that has been taken to the next level.

What series is a Troopy?


Toyota LandCruiser 70 GXL TROOP CARRIER Details
Price $74,550
Series VDJ78R
Body Style two-door wagon
Release date 01/08/2020

How many seats does a Troopy have?

The base model Troopy comes with a squeezy three-seat front row, so with triple seats in the second and third rows the total seating is nine. However, it’s obviously a more comfortable proposition as an eight seater, giving the driver and fornt seat passenger more elbow and hip room.

How much is a Troopy worth?

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*Private Price Guide $79,500 – $85,800
*Trade In Price Guide $70,900 – $77,200
*Average Km 40,000 – 60,000
*Price When New $72,190* Price Guide (EGC)

How much are Troopys?

2021 Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series GXL Troop Carrier Pricing and Spec Configurations. Interested in a Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series? You could expect to pay $60,100 – 76,010 based on third party pricing data.

How much fuel does a Troopy use?

Claimed fuel consumption is 10.7L/100km (combined).

Why is it called 79 series?

Model numbers 75, 78 and 79 referred to the long-wheelbase version, which was available in pickup and two-door troop carrier models. These were the successors of the less-well known long-wheelbase 40 Series, such as the FJ45.

Is Toyota still making 70 Series?

Read more about the Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series “Toyota Australia will continue to update the strong selling LC70 with further updates in 2022, the details of this will be outlined closer to the launch of this vehicle,” they said.

Do they still make troop carriers?

Yes, you can still buy a Toyota LandCruiser 78 Series ‘Troop Carrier’ as a brand new vehicle in Australia. What’s the point of it? Well, say you’re looking for a vehicle that can take you and many of your things around Australia. To every corner.

How high is a Troopy?


Toyota LandCruiser 70 GXL TROOP CARRIER Details
Length 5220mm (205.5 inches)
Width 1790mm (70.5 inches)
Height 2115mm (83.3 inches)
Wheelbase 2980mm (117.3 inches)

How much is a dual cab 79 series?

This 79 Series dual cab GXL usually costs $71,740. Air-conditioning, power windows and cruise control are standard on the GXL.

What is the GXL troopy?

This one owner GXL Troopy is the ultimate tourer! Nothing left to do, just jump in and go! Packed with all the desired accessories needed for a trip around the country!

How much is a second hand troopy worth?

A quick add up of most extras and there would be well over $40,000 worth. So equating the maths, if I bought a second hand troopy for about $45,000 which is probably the going rate, maybe $40,000 if I was lucky, then this was a pretty good deal at the finally agreed price of $66,500.

Can a troopy be converted to LPG?

This troopy has been converted to automatic, which are very sought after. It has low kms for its age and has also been converted to LPG for extra economy. The inside features a wooden kit out with a single bed (with the option for double if needed).