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What is a flypast?

What is a flypast?

Some flypasts have been described in broadcast and print media as “historic”. Flypasts are regularly featured in public and ceremonial life in the United Kingdom, where they function as a particular kind of aerial salute.

What is the difference between flypast and flyover?

The term flypast is used in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. In the United States, the terms flyover and flyby are used. Flypasts are often tied in with Royal or state events, anniversaries, celebrations – and occasionally funerary or memorial occasions.

What is a ceremonial military flypast?

This article is about ceremonial military flypasts. For the British aviation magazine, see FlyPast. A flypast is a ceremonial or honorific flight by a group of aircraft or a single aircraft.

Who was the first person to have a flypast?

In 1936, King George V received the first recorded flypast for a non-RAF funeral. The United States adopted the tradition in 1938 during the funeral for Major General Oscar Westover with over 50 aircraft and one blank file. By the end of World War II, the missing man formation had evolved to include the pull-up.