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What happened to Grantleys wife in Waterloo Road?

What happened to Grantleys wife in Waterloo Road?

In Series 6 Fleur returns again, but this time she is ill, later diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Steph comes to help Grantly and put Fleur in a care home. In Series 7 she appears again, in Episode 25, when unfortunately she dies leaving Grantly heartbroken.

Why did miss Haydock leave Waterloo Road?

In Episode 19, she was removed from the role of Finance Director after using sexual harassment as a means of getting money for the school.

What happened to Janice in Waterloo Road?

Janeece departed Waterloo Road after an extremely brief fling with Daniel Chalk, quitting her job and for pastures new with her mother in Ibiza with her young daughter Cheryl.

Where did Mika go in Waterloo Road?

2007/08 (the end of series 3) was the final year of Mika’s A-Level studies, and the character is currently attending university.

Does Grantly get a kidney?

On his return to the school, he learns a new kidney donor has been found for him but dies before the operation can take place….Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer Revealed The Inquisitors – The Loop.

Grantly Budgen
Cause/Reason Died of Kidney Failure
Died 2013

Does Tom give Grantly his kidney?

In Series 8, Tom decides to donate a kidney to Grantly, but after Tom’s death this ends up not going ahead, and Grantly later died as well.

Is Denise Welch in Waterloo Road?

Jacqueline Denise Welch (born 22 May 1958) is an English actress, television personality, and writer. Her roles include Natalie Barnes in Coronation Street (1997–2000), Steph Haydock in Waterloo Road (2006–2010), and Trish Minniver in Hollyoaks (2021–2022).

What happened to Davina in Waterloo Road?

In Series 4, feeling unloved and undervalued, she decided to leave Tom and Waterloo Road for good because she thought Tom was having an affair with Rose….Sonic 2 – The Loop.

Davina Shackleton
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 15
Cause/Reason Ended relationship with Tom Clarkson and resigned

Who is chelsee healeys dad?

Brian HealeyChelsee Healey / Father

What happened Lewis Seddon?

Lewis was expelled from Waterloo Road after he sexually harassed Kim Campbell. The expulsion was reduced to a 15-day suspension on appeal, but his mother decided to withdraw him from school after they received hate mail from angry pupils and parents.

Does Mika come back in Waterloo Road?

Career. Drummond played the role of Mika Grainger in the BBC school-based drama series Waterloo Road from its inception on 9 March 2006. Her last appearance was at the end of series 3 in March 2008. She has made other TV appearances, with roles on shows including Coronation Street, Doctors and Grange Hill.

When did Chlo leave Waterloo?

The Essex actress was 17 when she joined the cast and stayed for four series, leaving in 2009.

Who was Grantly Budgen in Waterloo Road?

Grantly Budgen (1954 – 2013) was the longest serving Waterloo Road character until his death in Series 9 Episode 6. He was an English teacher and was good friends with colleague Tom Clarkson & Steph Haydock.

What happened to Grantly and Rory in Waterloo Road?

Jack tells Grantly that he’ll deal with the Rory situation and Grantly leaves the room. Roger Aspinall was bullied by Grantly during his time at Waterloo Road. When Roger became Sponsor Governor, he suspended Grantly and Andrew as Acting Head made the decision to offer Lorna Dickey the role of Acting Head of English.

What happened to Grantly’s wife Fleur in line of duty?

In Series 6, it is revealed that Grantly is struggling to look after Fleur, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Due to the pressure of looking after his wife, it is revealed that Grantly has taught the wrong syllabus to his classes.

What happened to Janice in Waterloo Road Series 6?

One of Waterloo Road’s most iconic characters, gobby Janeece was always getting into trouble. She was left heartbroken by the death of best pal Maxine and left Waterloo Road in series four. However, pregnant Janice returned in series 6 as the school’s secretary and named her baby Cheryl after the Girls Aloud singer.