What finally becomes of Grendel?

What finally becomes of Grendel?

What finally becomes of Grendel? He died in the lair of blood loss. Beowulf takes his head back to Herot.

What is done with the treasure in Beowulf?

The dragon’s hoard is buried with Beowulf’s ashes. When Beowulf sees the treasure, he thanks God for it and proclaims that he has sold his life well for the treasure. Before he dies, Beowulf gives Wiglaf his golden necklace, rings, mail shirt, and gold-covered helmet. After Beowulf dies, his followers show up.

Why Beowulf is an honorable man?

Beowulf was an honorable man, and he was a great warrior. Beowulf is a typical example of the heroes of the Anglo-Saxon era. He used his strength to fight against evil instead of using it for his gain. Beowulf was courageous if he were not courageous, many people would have lost their lives.

What did Beowulf give to wiglaf before he died?

He gives Wiglaf the gold necklace he wears and his armor, and dies. Beowulf describes the treasure as his final gift to his people, and passes on his kingship to Wiglaf, who is clearly the most deserving and competent of the Geats.

Why does Beowulf ask wiglaf to build him a tomb and call it Beowulf’s tower?

Beowulf asks Wiglaf to build him a tower as a tomb to signify that he, Beowulf, was the greatest warrior of all time. Beowulf’s life was marked by feats of heroism. Even in death, he was a hero—defeating a dangerous dragon that his own warriors ran from.

Who becomes the king when Beowulf refuses the crown?

His son, Heardred, inherits the throne, with Beowulf’s support, but is also slain. Beowulf becomes king of the Geats and rules well for 50 years. To everyone’s alarm, however, a terrifying dragon begins to stalk the countryside at night, destroying homes — including Beowulf’s great hall — with his fiery breath.

What does it mean when Beowulf gives wiglaf his gold necklace?

When Beowulf is about to face the dragon, Wiglaf and his comrades want to help him. As Beowulf is dying, he passes his gold necklace to Wiglaf, who had come back to help him kill the dragon. The passing of the necklace symbolizes the passing on the rulership of Geatland.

What makes wiglaf significant?

Wiglaf, one of Beowulf’s kinsmen and thanes, is the only warrior brave enough to help the hero in his fight against the dragon. Wiglaf conforms perfectly to the heroic code in that he is willing to die attempting to defeat the opponent and, more importantly, to save his lord.

What happens to Beowulf’s body when he dies?

Wiglaf obeys Beowulf’s dying wish and goes down into the barrow, where he finds amazing piles of treasure, all of it rusting and decaying. Beowulf orders Wiglaf to build a barrow for him on the coast after his body has been burned on a funeral pyre.

How is paganism shown in Beowulf?

Most of the paganism in Beowulf is depicted through the lens of a medieval Christian idea of what Norse paganism was. As such, Grendel is presented as an evil and wicked character, whom Beowulf defeats before defeating Grendel’s even eviler mother.