What does Turbo mean in Italian?

What does Turbo mean in Italian?

turbo. More meanings for turbare. disturb verb. disturbare, perturbare, scomodare, sconvolgere, inquietare. upset verb.

What is an Italian questura?

noun. [ feminine ] /kwes’tura/ (ufficio) police station/headquarters.

What is Italian piccante?

[pikˈkante ] adjective. (sapore) spicy ⧫ hot.

What is the meaning of Forza Italian?

Forza Italia (FI; translated to “Forward Italy” or “Let’s Go Italy”) was a centre-right political party in Italy with liberal-conservative, Christian-democratic, liberal, social-democratic and populist tendencies. Its leader was Silvio Berlusconi, who served as Prime Minister of Italy four times.

Are Italian police armed?

It is a civilian police force, while the Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza are military. While its internal organization and mindset are somewhat military, its personnel is composed of civilians.

What is Italian dried sausage called?

Soppressata is an Italian dry salami. Although there are many variations, two principal types are made: a cured dry sausage typical of Basilicata, Apulia, and Calabria, and a very different uncured salame, made in Tuscany and Liguria.

What is Salamino piccante?

Salamino Piccante, or Spicy Salamino, is made using exclusively carefully selected italian pork meat and cured with herbs and freshly-ground red chili pepper so as to exalt its taste. Salamino Piccante is mostly used as an ingredient for pizza but it is perfect consumed raw, as any other salami, for tasty appetizers.

What is the meaning of Scuderia?

Scuderia means stable (noun) in the Italian language. It has entered English usage mainly through professional auto racing, in which many Italian teams incorporate the term in their names.

What are cops called in Italy?

The two main police forces in the country are the Carabinieri, the national gendarmerie, and the Polizia di Stato, the civil national police.

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