What does the sun symbolize in the stranger?

What does the sun symbolize in the stranger?

The sun is the main driving force behind MeursauIt’s actions. It also represents the inescapable fact of life, which is death. The sun also shows the society oppressing down on Meursault. In the novel, the sun first appears to be a problem for Meursault during his mother’s funeral.

How does the stranger end?

Katz is also on a mission to hunt down the stranger and silence her before she exposes a secret about one of his acquaintances. He ends up shooting her partner Ingrid Prisby (Lily Loveless) and shoots the stranger after she takes a bullet for Adam, who is trying to protect her.

What happened Salamanos dog?

Salamano then loses his dog. He stands one night at the entrance of the apartment complex looking flustered; Meursault and Raymond try to console him. Salamano reveals that his dog disappeared when they were at the Parade Ground.

How old did Meursault say his mother was?

He could have answered fifty, and he would have heard “how terrible; so young.” Had he said that she was eighty, he would have heard, “well, she led a long life.” The age of his mother is simply of no consequence to Meursault.

What makes Meursault a stranger?

Meursault views society as a stranger to himself because they do not do things the same way he does. He realizes his life has always been this way, he has always been withdrawn and secluded from society.

Why was Meursault given death?

Reminding the jury that the next trial on the court’s schedule involves parricide (the murder of a close relative), the prosecutor alleges that Meursault’s lack of grief over his mother’s death threatens the moral basis of society. Meursault is found guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced to death by guillotine.

What was Camus purpose for writing the stranger?

Camus utilized The Stranger as a platform to explore absurdity, a concept central to his writings and at the core of his treatment of questions about the meaning of life. However, Camus did not identify himself as a philosopher.

What does the dog symbolize in the stranger?

In The Stranger, the relationship between Salamano and his dog is analogous to both the relationships between Mersault and his mother and between Raymond and his Arab girlfriend. The dog reminds Meursault of his mother; therefore, the dog is a symbol for that which is lost, dead, or abused.

What does Raymond symbolize in the stranger?

By drawing Meursault into the conflict that eventually results in Meursault’s death sentence, Raymond, in a sense, causes Meursault’s downfall. This responsibility on Raymond’s part is symbolized by the fact that he gives Meursault the gun that Meursault later uses to kill the Arab.

Who is Raymond in the stranger?

Raymond Sintes A local pimp and Meursault’s neighbor. Raymond becomes angry when he suspects his mistress is cheating on him, and in his plan to punish her, he enlists Meursault’s help. In contrast to Meursault’s calm detachment, Raymond behaves with emotion and initiative.

What point of view is the stranger?

point of view Meursault narrates in the first person and limits his account to his own thoughts and perceptions. His description of the other characters is entirely subjective—that is, he does not attempt to portray them in a neutral light or to understand their thoughts and feelings.

How does Raymond get hurt?

The Arab slashes Raymond’s arm and mouth before retreating with his friend. Masson and Meursault help the wounded Raymond back to the bungalow.