What does boujee mean for a girl?

What does boujee mean for a girl?

Boujee is hip-hop slang for something “luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character,” influenced by and often interchanged with the slang bougie.

What does boogie mean in slang?

to dance energetically
to dance energetically, especially to rock music. Slang. to go (often followed by on down): We boogied on down to the club to catch the comedy act. We’re gonna be late—let’s boogie. QUIZ YOURSELF ON “ITS” VS. “IT’S”!

What does boujee mean in slang?

If you’re criticizing someone for pretending to be high class or elite, you may be looking for the slang word bougie or boujee.

What does Boujie mean in French?

In mainstream American English, the word bougie – sometimes spelled boujee or boujie – is slang for a middle-class person who acts or wants to seem wealthier than they are. In French, une bougie is a candle or, more rarely, a spark plug.

What’s another word for boogie?

What is another word for boogie?

jig jive
bop caper
dance party
rock trip
disco groove

What is another word for boogie?

Synonyms of boogie

  • bop,
  • fox-trot,
  • gavotte,
  • jig,
  • jitterbug,
  • jive,
  • mambo,
  • polka,

Is Bougie masculine or feminine in French?

bouge {masculine} dive {noun} [coll.]

Where does the term Boujee come from?

The term ‘boujee’ first appeared in France in the 16th century. French word ‘bourgeoisie’ referred to merchantmen that were considered self-sufficient and had privilege in society. Later, the term was used to describe ‘middle class’.

What does boogee mean?

Urban Dictionary: boogee A girl who is high class or someone that looks like they have a lot of money A girl who is high class or someone that looks like they have a lot of money

What is Boogie?

A gathering of skydivers that results in jumping out of various types of aircraft, partying, nudity, and all kinds of intoxicating beverages (after the beer light is turned on, of course). The Chicks Rock Boogie was amazing this year. Get a Boogie mug for your fish Riley.

What does Bougie mean?

Example 2: The hoes who go wine tasting but still live with their parents are bougie. Get the Bougie neck gaiter and mug. Adjective meaning extravagent, often to the point of snobbery. Usually used in relation to the conspicuous consumption of the urban upper-middle class.

What are some cute nicknames for Boogies?

Get the boogied mug. Not just any old boogers, teeny-tiny little boogers. Therefore the cute nickname, boogies Mother: “Stop picking your nose!” Daughter: “But I have boogies!”