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What degrees require a thesis?

What degrees require a thesis?

One difference between a thesis and dissertation is that theses are usually required for a master’s degree and dissertations are usually required for doctorate degrees; however, this isn’t always true. Some master’s degree programs don’t require a thesis or dissertation at all.

How do you write a thesis statement for Honours?

Stages of a thesis (in order)

  1. Abstract. Write this last.
  2. Introduction. Usually longer than an abstract, and provides the following:
  3. Literature review. Often part of the Introduction, but can be a separate section.
  4. Methods. Often the easiest part of the thesis to write.
  5. Results.
  6. Discussion.
  7. Conclusions.

How long is senior thesis?

Theses written in the Natural/Mathematical Sciences and Engineering typically range from approximately 20 – 40 typed and double-spaced pages, not counting references. In the Humanities and Social Sciences theses are longer, approximately 50 – 75 pages.

What are the benefits of doing Honours?

Advantages to Pursuing Honors

  • Mental discipline.
  • Intellectual judgment and independence.
  • Capacity to pursue an area in depth.
  • Self confidence.
  • Mastery of the material.
  • The ability to plan and implement a project and see it to its end.
  • The ability to meet a challenge and succeed.

How do I choose a Honours project?


  1. Pick a topic that genuinely interests you.
  2. Make sure that you can clearly articulate what you are trying to achieve in the project, and how you are going to achieve it.
  3. Choose a supervisor with whom you have a good working relationship and who is not too busy to deal with you.

What is senior honors thesis?

What is a Senior Honors Thesis? The Senior Honors Thesis is a two-semester, 6 credit research commitment on a topic that you and your faculty mentor agree on. The result is an academic paper, often of publishable quality. Senior Honors Thesis courses can be taken in any semester, including over the summer.

How long is Honours thesis?

15,000 words

Is an honors thesis worth it?

No, it’s not worth it. Most of the students in my thesis class are doing it because an honors thesis gives them a big boost for PhD programs. Sure, it might benefit you on your application, but the actual benefits I don’t think are quite as great.

How do you write an Honours essay?

As a rough guide, an Honours essay should be 60 to 75 pages long. The essay must be organized around a specific issue or hypothesis. It must be primarily analytical—as opposed descriptive—in nature. The essay should contain a review of the relevant literature, a theoretical framework, and an analysis of the evidence.

What is Honours thesis?

An honours thesis is a 50-60 page research paper based on two terms worth of research on a topic that is broader or more complex than can normally be handled in a term paper for a course. In the end, the honours thesis can be an ideal way to prepare for grad school or delve in deeply in an intellectual puzzle or issue.

What is senior thesis?

Senior theses are independent research projects that students complete in close collaboration with a faculty mentor. Students who complete a senior thesis project select their own research topic, meaning that they have the opportunity to find answers to the research questions they find most compelling.

Why do an honors thesis?

For most Honors students, completion of the Honors thesis will be the climax of their college careers. By completing an Honors Thesis, you will develop knowledge, skills and initiative that are essential to meet future challenges. You will develop self-knowledge and new personal resources.