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What Dateline episode was The Thing About Pam?

What Dateline episode was The Thing About Pam?

Is the Thing About Pam episode of Dateline available for streaming? You can watch Dateline Season 22, Episode 25 (which covers the Faria case) on Peacock. You also can stream an 11-minute special episode of Dateline about the Pamela Hupp case on Peacock.

Is The Thing About Pam true?

(In a bit of stunt casting, Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison plays The Thing About Pam’s omniscient narrator.) The show is both a campy true-crime thriller and a social satire that looks at a mishandled criminal investigation that sent an innocent man to jail.

What Dateline episode is about Betsy Faria?

The Real Thing About Pam.
On Friday, April 15 at 9 p.m. ET, “Dateline” will release a new episode looking into the Betsy Faria murder case, which is depicted in “The Thing About Pam.” Fittingly, the episode will be called “The Real Thing About Pam.”

How to watch The Real Thing About Pam?

If you have a valid cable login, you can watch Dateline’s “The Real Thing About Pam” live on the NBC website or NBC app (available on iOS, Roku, Amazon, Android, and more).

Is that thing about Pam over?

She answers the question we’ve all been wondering: Does Pam Hupp know about the show? After a rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns, NBC’s true-crime miniseries The Thing About Pam has officially come to an end.

What happened to Betsy Faria?

Betsy had been stabbed over 55 times with her wrists cut to the bone and a serrated kitchen knife left lodged in her neck.

Is Pam Hupp still alive?

She’s currently serving her time in the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri. Following her conviction, prosecutors reopened Betsy Faria’s case, later charging Hupp with her murder in July 2021.

What season and episode of Dateline is the Pam Hupp story?

Snapped – Season 26 Episode 23.

What is the cast of Pam?

‘The Thing About Pam’ Cast & Character Guide

  • Pam Hupp (Renée Zellweger) Image via NBC.
  • Joel Schwartz (Josh Duhamel) Image via NBC.
  • Russ Faria (Glenn Fleshler) Image via NBC.
  • Leah Askey (Judy Greer)
  • Mariah Day (Gideon Adlon)
  • Mark Hupp (Sean Bridgers)
  • Betsy Faria (Katy Mixon)
  • Louis Gumpenberger (Jeff Ryan Baker)

What is Pam podcast?

The Thing About Pam is available for free on a variety of platforms, from Apple Podcasts to Stitcher. For a full list, head to nbcnews.com/thethingaboutpam. Throughout the six episodes, Morrison unveils the unbelievable case surrounding the 2011 murder of Betsy Faria.

What is the scariest Dateline?

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