What CFM is a Carter ThermoQuad?

What CFM is a Carter ThermoQuad?

Wide-open, the “small” TQ was rated at 800 cfm, while the larger unit spec’d at 850 cfm, blowing away the airflow capacity of any previous OEM Mopar four-barrel. While the ThermoQuad certainly had the flow to support big power, the timing of events curbed its chance at glory as a high performance carb.

Who made the ThermoQuad carburetor?

The final Chrysler use of four-barrel Carter carburetors was the Thermo-Quad, which used a lightweight thermoplastic float bowl, on the most powerful Chrysler engines. Carter produced Rochester Quadrajet carburetors for their rival maker whenever demand outpaced Rochester’s ability to make them.

How do I identify a Thermoquad carburetor?

The carburetor number can be found stamped on the mounting flange face. Numbers like 6-2124 are casting numbers and do not equate to a carburetor number.

How do you identify a Carter AFB carburetor?

The Carter AFB carburetors are roll stamped with an identification marking at the right front base of the carburetor’s mounting ear. The top line of the roll stamp identification has the carburetor identification number.

How do I tell what carburetor my Carter is?

When did Carter carburetor go out of business?

American Car and Foundry shut down the Carter Carburetor foundry in 1985, a year later ceding the PCB-contaminated property to the City of St. Louis. The last Carter carburetors were used by Chrysler in 1984.

Who bought out Carter carburetors?

The last Carter carburetors were used by Chrysler in 1984. For the 1985 model year, the ThermoQuad was replaced by the Rochester Quadra-Jet; and the BBD was replaced by the Holley 6280.

What is the CFM of a Carter AFB?

The cfm of the Carter WCFB four-barrel carburetor is approximately 400. The Carter WCFB carburetors have a square-ish body with a rectangular air horn that protrudes above the air cleaner flange.

What is a Carter AVS?

It was essentially a Carter AFB (likely “Aluminum Four Barrel” or “Aluminum Float Bowl”), but with vacuum-activated secondaries, to let owners tune the time it took before the power barrels kicked in; and numerous other design changes to increase responsiveness.

What is a Carter Thermo Quad carburetor?

The Carter Thermo-Quad is a four-barrel carburetor with a spread bore throttle bore configuration. It was designed as an emissions capable carburetor that retained or surpassed secondary throttle performance of earlier Carter carburetors, while delivering superior primary fuel economy. The Thermo-Quad consists of three main sub-assemblies;

What parts are in Carter TQ ThermoQuad?

Carter TQ, Thermoquad Includes carburetor kits, brass floats, accelerator pump, needle & seat, float valve, jets, choke pulloffs, choke thermostats, new and used parts. Carburetor parts for Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, International.

What type of carburetor does the TQ use?

The TQ uses a phenolic resin main body which was a good idea to start with because the carburetor ran much cooler than the 4 barrel metal type. Unfortunately the phenolic body becomes warped and is not available these days.

What kind of carburetor does Dodge use?

Carburetor parts for Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, International. The Thermoquad was a large four barrel configuration, with what was called the spreadbore design, two smaller primaries for fuel economy and two large secondaries.