What census years are available in Canada?

What census years are available in Canada?

The national government of Canada has taken censuses every ten years since 1871 and every five years since 1971….Canadian national censuses, taken for these dates, are available to the public:

  • 1871 (April 2)
  • 1881 (April 4)
  • 1891 (April 6)
  • 1901 (March 31)
  • 1911 (June 1)
  • 1921 (June 1)

Was there a census in 1851?

The dates of the censuses were as follows: 1841 – 6 June. 1851 – 30 March.

How do I look up census records?

Visit NARA’s Census Records Web site to learn more about the availability of microfilmed and digital census records for genealogical research. Several online subscription services provide access to digital copies of these publicly available records.

What did the 1851 census reveal?

The 1851 census was the first to record each person’s marital status and relationship to the head of the household, as well as details of disability being recorded — with a field for recording the information that an individual was “blind, deaf or imbecile”.

Is the 1941 Canadian census available?

This census should become available to the public in 2033, 92 years after the census was collected.

What is the 1851 census?

The 1851 Census marked the second collection of statistics for the Province of Canada. In 1841, the Act of Unioncreated the Province of Canada, consisting of Canada West (present-day Ontario) and Canada East (present-day Quebec).

What was the population of Canada in 1851?

Therefore, for Canada West and Canada East, what is known as the Census of 1851 officially began on January 12, 1852. The enumerators collected information for 2,312,919 individuals distributed as follows: Canada West (952,004) Canada East (890,261) New Brunswick (193,800) Nova Scotia (276,854)

How many records are there in the Canadian census?

This census includes Canada East (Quebec), Canada West (Ontario), New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. This research tool contains 1,469,079 records that are searchable by name.

When was the census collected in New Brunswick?

Information on population was also collected for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. While the census for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia was completed in 1851, Canada West and Canada East did not start their collection of data until the following year.