What can I use instead of coroplast for guinea pig cage?

What can I use instead of coroplast for guinea pig cage?

9 Easy Coroplast Substitutes For Guinea Pig Cages

  • shower curtains.
  • thick plastic tablecloths.
  • plastic placemats.
  • carboard covered in plastic sheeting.
  • linoleum squares.
  • waterproof mattress liners.
  • wallboard.
  • outdoor tarps.

Is coroplast safe for guinea pigs?

Is Coroplast Safe for Guinea Pigs? The natural polymer is chemically inert and is generally considered non-toxic and safe for use in contact with food.

What do you put at the bottom of a guinea pig cage?

The best items to put on the bottom of a guinea pig cage are absorbent, soft, and odorless. Hay, paper and aspen shavings, 100% wood pellets, and fleece meet those basic requirements. Used alone or combined with other materials, all are good options to cover the bottom of a cavy enclosure.

What is coroplast for guinea pigs?

Coroplast (or correx) is an essential component for the construction of C&C cages for guinea pigs and rabbits. It creates a waterproof, lightweight, foldable and easy-to-clean cage base.

Will guinea pigs chew coroplast?

Guinea pigs will often tend to chew their coroplast of their ramp. Rabbits on the other hand will often chew where their door entrance is, often to request time out of the cage.

What can I use for the bottom of my guinea pig cage?

How do you make a pig cage from Coroplast?

Drop the Coroplast box into the grids, add bedding and pigs! Connect the grids to form the perimeter of the cage. Some brands are harder to snap into the connectors than others.

How do you measure A coroplast cage?

If the cage is going against a wall, you may want to make the back wall 12 inches high to help prevent hay spillage. In that case, you’ll add a total of 18 inches to the original measurement from above, for one 12″ side. Measure and mark the Coroplast (using a tape measure, yardstick and pen).

How do you make a box out of Coroplast?

Cut all the way through the Coroplast at each corner, just 6″ in, to create the flap to make the corner. Snap the edges away from the score line to form a box. Secure the flaps with clear packing tape. A couple of wide strips on the outside work great.

What do I need to set up a cage?

Table or desktop space to put the cage on! We recommend a folding work table for 2 x 4 grid cages and up (5′ x 30″ table top needed for a 2 x 4 grid cage). They are available at many office supply stores for around $30 – $35.