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What are additive terms?

What are additive terms?

additive. noun. Definition of additive (Entry 2 of 2) : a substance added to another in relatively small amounts to effect a desired change in properties food additives.

What is an example of additive?

For example, vitamins A and D are added to dairy and cereal products, several of the B vitamins are added to flour, cereals, baked goods, and pasta, and vitamin C is added to fruit beverages, cereals, dairy products, and confectioneries.

What is meant by additive effect?

Additive Effect – This action occurs when the combined effect of two or more chemicals is equal to the sum of the effect of each agents given alone (they do not interact in a direct way); for example: 2 + 2 = 4. This effect is the most common when two chemicals are given together.

What does additive mean in chemistry?

CHEMISTRY GLOSSARY Additive is a substance added to a material to improve its properties in some way. Additives are often present in small amounts and are used for a variety of purposes, as in preventing corrosion, stabilizing polymers, and preserving and improving food.

What does additive mean in statistics?

Statistical Glossary An additive effect refers to the role of a variable in an estimated model. A variable that has an additive effect can merely be added to the other terms in a model to determine its effect on the independent variable.

What does additive mean in art?

Additive sculpture is an artwork which is three-dimensional in nature. In the process of additive sculpting, separate parts are added one by one to create a whole sculpture at the end. In the process of additive sculpture, work is created by adding material to create a new sculpture.

What is adverb of additive?

additively. In an additive manner.

What are the worst preservatives numbers?

Here are the top 5 food preservatives to avoid in processed food

  • #1 | Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Nitrate.
  • #2 | BHA & BHT (Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydrozyttoluene (BHT))
  • #3 | Potassium Bromate (other names it goes by: bromic acid, potassium salt, bromated flour, “enriched flour”)

What does additive mean in genetics?

Additive genes are those genes that code for the same trait and their effects work together on the phenotype. An example of a function of additive genes is on the eye colour. Several genes work together to determine the colour of the eye of an offspring.

What does additive mean in radiology?

Because the x-rays had difficulty penetrating the lung tissue, the pathology is know as “additive” meaning that the technologist must add milliampere seconds or kilovolts peak or both to penetrate and demonstrate the tissue adequately.