The common emphasis on the importance of academic writing skill for students

Academic writing is a skill that can be applied throughout all the studying time, starting from some school assignments that emphasize the importance of using the academic language in them, mostly to prepare for further applications, to PhD that absolutely requires not only skill to use it, but a deep understanding of the very way it’s constructed. The application of an academic language implies knowledge of special linguistic and grammatical constructs that strengthen the importance and scientific nature of the paper, but if the application is relatively narrow, is it as important to learn and take up the valuable study time as we are used to thinking.

The nature of academic writing

Academic writing is often perceived as unnecessarily complicated and hard to follow, however, such constructions often point towards the misuse of academic style and lack of understanding. The proper scientific article or research paper will discreetly analyze a subject of its matter and clearly structurally lay down everything important and necessary regarding the issue of discussion.

The academic writing style is commonly used in the following formats:

  1. Research paper. This format allows to exercise the scientific style by developing the author’s own ideas in the boundaries of existing material and exploit it to reinforce the statement of the thesis or create a basis for the discussion;
  2. Literature analysis. The format of literature analysis typically focuses on a very particular text or statement, setting the goal of analyzing the work of literature and develop the points and statements based on it;
  3. Dissertation. The dissertation is the very pinnacle of ones PhD that puts the utmost importance onto the use of scientific style as it is the paper of the highest possible scientific value during the studies;

The advantages of academic writing

Academic writing helps to develop a sound number of skills but also allows directly establishing some:

  1. Advantage during the job hunt. A huge number of companies look for employees that will not only fulfil the requirements for the position but will also be able to both express their thoughts in a clean structured form and produce a high-quality analytical paper when asked for the report;
  2. The development of one’s analytical skills. Academic writing is not just the specific grammatical structure and proper vocabulary, but the way to organize one’s thoughts. While developing analytical paper the writer uses external sources to obtain the information and then decide on its priority and importance and the necessity to discuss it or include into own analysis;
  3. Conveying the thoughts well. Academic writing allows explaining very heavy concepts with precise structure and singular purpose to make them clear for an educated reader thus teaching to provide the information in a coherent way that will be well received;
  4. The development of critical thinking and objectivity. An expert of the academic writing or online paper writing service simply will not write a one-sided paper, but will instead research it from different viewpoints and positions, creating a discussion or an argument when necessary within a single scientific text;
  5. The development of one’s discipline. The purpose of a scientific article, as stated above, is a well-framed discussion, however, the paper in question is still to abide by a certain set of rules which, in its turn, can prove to be rather complicated to fully fathom by an unprepared individual. Apart from that particularity, as any regular exercise, writing imbues discipline when the individual is scheduling and completing the task despite, maybe, lacking the motivation to do so.

The other side of the coin

A number of people among both students and professors, however, consider excessive academic writing an unnecessary practice as it starts to prioritize the mechanical skill over the learning curve of the subject, in which case it might harm the studies, however, most of them agree that removing academic writing as an exercise is harmful to the personal development of a student but the priority of such practice should be monitored to assure the highest possible efficiency of such a widespread study practice.