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Is Zen Do Kai good?

Is Zen Do Kai good?

Zen Do Kai (ZDK) is an effective, modern, comprehensive karate & martial arts training and grading system (find a Centre near you here). ZDK offers a ‘REAL’ fighting system, developed and proven for street use by Soke Bob Jones, BJMA Founder, 9th Degree.

What does Zen Kai mean?

The Best of Everything in Progression
Zen Do Kai’s translation is “The Best of Everything in Progression” and this personifies what the art offers. Originally intended to cater for those who worked in the security industry, the demand and popularity grew beyond expectation.

Is Zen Do Kai Japanese?

Zen Do Kai is a freestyle martial art system which originated in Australia by Bob Jones and Richard Norton. Zen Do Kai means, according to Jones, “the best of everything in progression.

How old is Zen Do Kai?

Founded in 1969 by Sensei Michael Campos, the Zen Do Kai has celebrated its 50th anniversary! Come in and see why we are the longest-running martial arts club in the Johnstown/Gloversville area.

What is a Bushido Cross?

The Bushido Cross is worn by high ranking members of the Zendokai and Bushikai karate styles, as either a pendant or ring. The right to wear this symbol is awarded to instructors in recognition of their loyalty, strength and dedication. You cannot just decide you want to wear one. If you do so the meaning is lost.

What is Zen fighting?

Without Zen techniques, martial arts are just about kicks and punches. Zen techniques within martial arts strengthen the body, mind, and spirituality of the learner. Proper Zen practicing eases your mind of stress and anxiety and helps you stay more focused and attentive.

How do you get a Bushido Cross?

The Bushido and Ishoa crosses are presented to the student prior to grading for a black belt. You become entitled to the cross by displaying the 8 virtues of Bushido. Once you have been assessed by the Clubs Head Instructor, and BJMA hierarchy are in agreeance, these crosses are presented at Senjo’s, without warning.

What is a Zen like state?

A Zen state of mind allows you to fully enjoy that hot cup of coffee, that tear-jerker of a book, that stolen moment of peace during a busy day. According to Alan Watts, in his book The Way of Zen, you shouldn’t stop at feeling happy– try to feel yourself feeling happy.

What is a zen lifestyle?

The zen lifestyle is one of clarity. It involves looking beyond our materialism and learning to value our individual selves. It all sounds a bit airy-fairy, but take a look at the science of a clean environment.