Is Yeti hard cooler worth it?

Is Yeti hard cooler worth it?

Yeti coolers are worth it because they have great ice retention, a high build quality, are almost indestructible and they are THE premium cooler brand to own. However, they may not be worth it as there are other cheaper options out there as well as other brands that have higher performance.

What is so special about a Yeti cooler?

YETI Coolers are rugged and outperform at every opportunity, but durability is just one of the benefits. With up to two inches or more of insulation in the walls and lids of most sizes, combined with a freezer-quality sealing gasket and one-piece construction, YETI provides industry-leading ice retention.

What brand of cooler is better than Yeti?

Overall, the Pelican ice chest might just be the best YETI alternative available. Pelican actually reminds us a little bit of the new OtterBox Venture coolers.

How long do Yeti coolers keep things cold?

With regular use a Yeti cooler will stay cold for 2-4 days but it has the ability to stay cold and keep ice for 7-10+ days given enough ice and the right conditions.

Is Yeti better than RTIC?

Among the two brands, RTIC has a longer ice life compared to Yeti. Their large sizes, plastic construction, and thicker walls make them better at retaining ice. Yeti have better quality coolers, although with shorter ice life and smaller sizes. Some coolers claim to have an ice life of 8 days, others even more.

Is RTIC the same as Yeti?

But no, RTIC and Yeti are not the same company, they are owned by completely different companies and Yeti successfully sued RTIC in 2017 for patent as well as trademark infringements.

Why is my Yeti cooler not keeping ice?

The more space inside your Yeti, the more warm air can get in. The warm air then increases the temperature of the water and reduces ice retention too so everything starts heating up. It’s for this reason why a small but full Yeti tumbler will keep water colder for longer than a half-full, larger tumbler.

Do you need to put ice in a Yeti cooler?

This means that one-third of your cooler can hold your cold drinks and food, while the other two-thirds should be filled with ice if you fill the cooler completely. The more ice you use, the longer it will last.

Are yetis made in China?

WHERE ARE YETI PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED? Our Tundra coolers are manufactured in the USA at facilities located in Iowa and Wisconsin as well as at a facility located in the Philippines. Our Hopper coolers and Rambler drinkware are manufactured in China.