Is WNS work from home?

Is WNS work from home?

It is work from Delhi/NCR and not Home.

Is there bond in WNS?

There is a bond of 2 years before which you cannot resign. On the job training is not given to new joinees.

What is the full form of WNS?

WNS was founded in 1996 by British Airways as Speedwing World Network Services in Mumbai. In May 2002, a 70% shareholding was sold to Warburg Pincus. 1999 – Launches delivery centre in Pune, India.

What do you know about WNS company?

WNS offers outsourcing services for customer care and engagement, finance and accounting management, legal process outsourcing, procurement and spending, market intelligence, business and financial research, business analytics and IT security.

Is WNS a BPO company?

WNS Global Services (WNS Holdings Ltd) is a Mumbai-based business process outsourcing (BPO) company that provides services to enterprises worldwide.

Can I resign before bond period?

Generally, firm/company do not act for leaving job before bond period. If your firm is mailing you on this then do not panic, you will not face any criminal prosecution for this like arrest. You only need to consult a lawyer in pune who practises in labour court there then contest the case in labour court.

What is notice period in WNS?

WNS has got a very pathetic policy of 2 months notice period. May be these people think that their employees are very important asset for them, but again they dont pay them well, they dont give proper increments n what not they do in the name of cost cutting.

What WFH means?

work from home
WFH Abbreviation WFH stands for work from home or working from home, depending on how it’s used in a sentence. The acronym is used in messaging tools (e.g., Slack, instant messaging, text message) to communicate they’re working remotely.

Why do you love working from home?

For many, WFH has allowed them to keep up with daily chores and have more time for hobbies and leisure, not to mention a healthier work-life balance. “I’ve been able to get small chores done throughout the day that allow more time to enjoy my weekends without catching up on housework,” explains Kayla.