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Is Voke available in UK?

Is Voke available in UK?

LONDON, Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today sees the UK launch of Voke, a new innovative nicotine delivery system designed to help smokers and vapers, quit or cut down. The nicotine inhaler is breath activated and uses advanced Vapourless Valve Technology (VVT) and is available to purchase directly online.

What is a Voke cigarette?

Voke, a new nicotine inhaler, is available to prescribe for patients who want to quit smoking. by Sandhiya Sodha. Voke’s mode of delivery is similar to that of an asthma inhaler.

How do you use a Voke cigarette?

When you use Voke, nicotine is released and passes into your body, just like a cigarette but without the harmful chemicals in the smoke. You can use Voke as you would a cigarette and inhale as much as desired.

Is Voke available on prescription?

The Department of Health has cleared Voke, which delivers a concentrated nicotine hit through a “sophisticated asthma inhaler”, to be available on prescription next month. It is Britain’s first medically-approved nicotine product in almost a decade, backers Kind Consumer said.

How do you make a nicotine inhaler?

You’ll need a prescription from a prescribing healthcare provider for the nicotine oral inhaler. The nicotine oral inhaler may look similar to a cigarette, but you need to use it differently.

Can U Get Voke on prescription?

Is a nicotine inhaler the same as vaping?

The nicotine inhaler is an FDA-approved prescription product that helps you stop smoking. It’s available under the brand name Nicotrol. It’s not like vaping, because there’s no liquid nicotine and you don’t inhale it into your lungs.

Is the Voke an e cig?

As noted above, the VOKE is not an e cig – nor is it a pod vape or even a vape. It is an inhaler. There is no vape juice and no refilling required. Everything you need, the device itself and your nicotine supply, is included in the box.

How much nicotine is in Voke?

It’s priced around the same as a packet of 20 cheaper branded lit cigarettes and there’s 20 0.45mg ‘charges’ in the box. Voke’s unique design delivers nicotine to rapidly relieve cravings whilst mimicking many of the rituals of smoking. A single Voke stick may reduce your cravings for several hours. Let’s see if that is indeed the case.

What is a Voke and how does it work?

VOKE garnered itself plenty of headlines in the UK back in 2020 when it became the first “e cig” to become officially available on the NHS. I say, “e cig”, but VOKE isn’t really an e cig – it’s more of an inhaler, a nicotine inhaler. There is no vape juice or e liquid inside the VOKE; it works, instead, by the same process as an inhaler.

Where to buy a Voke Inhaler?

As it stands now the VOKE inhaler can only be bought online direct from the company’s website and from what I can gather only to UK based customers.