Is there anything in Vault 34?

Is there anything in Vault 34?

A flooded area along the western side contains the corpse of a Vault technician glowing one under a desk. The corpse holds the Vault 34 security terminal password. The entry room is completely devoid of items, but an overseer’s journal fragment can be found in the control booth.

What happens if you save Vault 34 dwellers?

If you save the Vault 34 Dwellers, the Sharecroppers will move back to California. If you save the Sharecroppers, the Vault 34 Dwellers will die. So save the Vault 34 Dwellers. Also, they will give you items from time to time.

Where are the trapped people in Vault 34?

They are first mentioned on a terminal inside the Vault’s reactor room, in a message titled “SOS.” After a bomb was planted in the Vault swimming pool, the doors of the lower level sealed, and these dwellers were trapped down there along with Horowitz.

How do you drain Vault 34?

Straight down at the bottom is another dead glowing ghoul ‘vault technician’ under another desk with the Vault 34 utility terminal password. Use this on the computer in the Utility room to drain the water from that same flooded area and gain access to the Security Room.

Are the boomers vault dwellers?

The Boomers are a tribe formed out of a group of vault dwellers who originally inhabited Vault 34. The overstocked, unprotected armory led to the emergence of a particularly gun-centric culture among the dwellers.

Where is the Vault 34 security terminal?

Location. Located on the corpse of a Vault technician, which can be found under his desk in a flooded section in the northwest area of Vault 34’s first floor, opposite the utility room and near the entrance to security station A.

Are there survivors in Vault 34?

Vault 34 Dwellers (along with the Boomers and Chris Haversam) are the sole surviving non-ghoul residents of Vault 34 in Fallout: New Vegas.

Did the boomers come from Vault 34?

Is the vault 34 armor in Fallout New Vegas?

For an overview of various vault jumpsuits in the Fallout series of games, see vault jumpsuit . The Vault 34 security armor and matching Vault 34 security helmet is a set of armor in Fallout: New Vegas . Vault 34 security armor was the armor issued to members of the security forces in Vault 34.

Where did the idea for vault 34 come from?

Vault 34 was first mentioned in Fallout Bible and appears in Fallout: New Vegas . Vault 34 was designed by Sydney Wolfram. This was specifically designed to combine the atmosphere of the Glow from Fallout with the gameplay reward of the Sierra Army Depot from Fallout 2. The inspiration came from the Fallout Bible.

Where can I find the vault 34 survivors?

If the Hard Luck Blues quest is completed in favor of the Vault 34 survivors they will appear in the Aerotech Business Park. Talking to their leader, Horowitz, will result in a conversation that can lead to you mentioning that you are the one who saved him. You are given two options: ask for a “Vault trinket” or decline a reward.

Do people still live in the vault in Fallout 4?

By 2281, it still has people living in it, including Horowitz, although most of its residents have become feral ghouls and glowing ones. They are still able to speak with some level of intelligence. According to various sources inside the Vault, the Vault became overpopulated.