Is the Samsung gear S2 classic waterproof?

Is the Samsung gear S2 classic waterproof?

Even though Gear S2 classed as an “IP68” device, the device may be damaged if water or dust enters the device.

Does Samsung S2 have GPS?

Find your way using the Maps application on your Gear S2. Maps uses the data connection and location services (GPS) on your mobile device to find your location and provide directions to the location you choose.

How many mm is the Gear S2 Classic?

The Samsung Gear S2 Classic (3G SM-R735A) smartwatch is relatively thin with 13.4mm thickness….

📱 Model features
Samsung Gear S2 Classic
Release date 3/1/2016
Depth 13.4 millimeters (0.53 inches)
Size (width x height) 46.9 x 44 millimeters (1.85 x 1.73 in)

Can Samsung Gear 2 work with any phone?

Gear S2 pairs with smartphones running Android 4.4 and higher with over 1.5GB RAM, iOS 9.0 and later, and smartphones iPhone 5 and newer.

Can you answer calls on Samsung gear S2?

You can use the watch to make and answer calls… on your phone. it is really lame. the gear s2 and s2 classic do not have a speaker, and therefore cannot be used to take/make calls.

Can I shower with my Samsung gear S2?

For all intents and purposes though, both the Gear S and the newer Gear S2 are “waterproof” enough for you to wear them when you take a bath, swim or even go snorkelling.

Can you swim with Galaxy S2 watch?

Best answer: Yes! The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is water-resistant to 5 ATM, which means it’s can withstand splashes, rainfall, showering, and even swimming.

Is the Samsung Gear S2 Classic Edition worth the price?

The Samsung Gear S2 ($394.00 at Amazon) is only a few months old, but it’s already been updated in the form of a new $349.99 Classic edition. The Gear S2 Classic has the same exact interface and hardware as the original, but it’s built with classier materials (including a leather wristband) that could be worth the $50 premium if you like the look.

Does the Samsung Gear S2 classic make a chic smartwatch?

Where the standard Samsung Gear S2 proves the concept for the firm’s impressive sixth – yes, its sixth – go at the smartwatch, the Gear S2 Classic proves that it can make a chic watch, too. We don’t foresee many people leaping at the rubbery Gear S2, but this watch is no doubt one to, well… you know.

What smartphones are compatible with Gear S2?

Gear S2 supported smartphones may vary by carrier and device. For a list of compatible smartphones and features, please visit For best results, connect with compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

How do I charge my Samsung Gear S2 classic?

With built-in wireless charging, it’s easy to keep the Gear S2 classic powered up. Whether you’re at home, work or anywhere in between, you can power up by simply setting your Gear S2 on the included wireless charging dock. The built-in S Health app empowers your active lifestyle and continuously challenges you to live better 4.