Is stoudts brewery closing?

Is stoudts brewery closing?

Stoudts Black Angus in Adamstown recently locked its doors for good more than a year after Ed and Carol Stoudt announced the closure of their 33-year-old Stoudts Brewing Company and Carol’s retirement as brewmaster.

Who owns stoudts brewery?

It was one of the commonwealth’s first microbreweries, having been started in 1987 by Ed and Carol Stoudt. The brewery closed in 2020, after Carol Stoudt’s retirement….Stoudt’s Brewery.

Coordinates 40.2384°N 76.0727°WCoordinates:40.2384°N 76.0727°W
Opened 1987
Closed 2020
Owned by Stoudt’s Brewing Company
Inactive beers

What kind of beer is founders Oktoberfest?

German-Style Märzen
German-Style Märzen We went all in on tradition with our Oktoberfest, using imported German malts and hops with a beautiful lager yeast for the finish. Pours a gorgeous copper hue with a rich, malty and slightly sweet backbone.

What township is Adamstown PA?

Adamstown (Pennsylvania Dutch: Adamschteddel) is a borough in Lancaster County which has grown into Berks County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania….Adamstown, Pennsylvania.

Adamstown, Pennsylvania Adamschteddel
Counties Lancaster, Berks
• Total 1.39 sq mi (3.59 km2)
• Land 1.38 sq mi (3.57 km2)

What is the name of the brewery in Adamstown?

Stoudts Brewing Company
Stoudts Welcomes the IronSpire Complex to Adamstown, PA **Stoudts Brewing Company was not sold and its beer brand and award-winning recipes are still owned by Carol and her business partners.

What is the best Oktoberfest beer?

The Best Oktoberfest Beers to Welcome the Fall

  • 1 Jack’s Abby Copper Legend. Jack’s Abby.
  • 2 Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen. Courtesy Ayinger.
  • 3 Paulaner Oktoberfest. Courtesy Paulaner.
  • 4 Schilling Konstantin. Courtesy Schilling Beer Co.
  • 5 New Glarus Staghorn. New Glarus.
  • 6 Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest.
  • 7 Hi-Wire Zirkusfest.
  • 8 Surlyfest.

When was Adamstown founded?

The 4th of July 1761 marks the exact date when William Addams laid out a town site in this valley, which was then know as Cocalico Township. “Addamsburry”, as the town was originally named, was located on the site of a former Indian Village.

What county is Adamstown?

Lancaster CountyAdamstown / County

Is stoudts Brewing Company still in business?

**Stoudts Brewing Company was not sold and its beer brand and award-winning recipes are still owned by Carol and her business partners. This is not the end of Stoudts Brewing Company! We are still in business and planning the next chapter.

What is the best beer at stoudts?

Stoudts’ original brew remains an award-winning best seller andfan favorite even after 30 years. This easy-going, medium-bodied,Munich Golden Helles-style Lager is sure to tame your inner beast. Delicate and crisp, this award-winning Northern German-style Pilsis alive with the sound of music.

What’s new at stoudts?

Operations will continue as normal for all other divisions of the Stoudts enterprise. The Restaurant & Pub is adding a trivia night and Sunday brunch menus, the Bier Garden will continue to host weddings and events, and the Bakery and Antiques Mall continue to support the local community.

What happened to stoudts?

We are excited to announce that the land and buildings** that have housed Stoudts for the last 50+ years are now in the very capable hands of the IronSpire Complex. Your Sunday destination for antiques, food, and great beer is still here, just under different ownership.