Is Si Robertson addicted to tea?

Is Si Robertson addicted to tea?

On his tea-loving ways. “I drink two gallons a day. My wife said, ‘You’re going to the doctor to ask about all that tea you drink.

Does Si from Duck Dynasty drink sweet tea?

According to Si, he drinks over a gallon of the stuff a day out of his Tupperware cup! In fact, you can buy a replica of his cup on Amazon. Unsweet tea not your thing? Uncle Si, Duck Commander Family Foods, and Chinook USA used to produce ready-to-drink 16-ounce bottles of sweet tea based on his original recipe.

Where is Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty now?

UNCLE SI. Si Robertson, known to fans as Uncle Si, won fans over on Duck Dynasty with his unusual sayings and hijinks. He continues to star on a YouTube series called Duck Call Room, where he and his costars talk about various topics. Uncle Si shares clips on social media to much fanfare.

Is si an alcoholic?

Si, who no longer drinks alcohol, is a recovering alcoholic. When he was younger, he served in Vietnam, which he recalls being a difficult time in his life. During this dark time, he began drinking constantly, and became heavily addicted to alcohol.

Why does SI always carry a cup?

Robertson first acquired the blue Tupperware container when his mother sent it to him in a care package during his time serving in the military in Vietnam. “Somehow, Momma’s iced tea cup stayed with me all the way through Vietnam, and I’ve carried it in my back pocket ever since,” he writes.

Does SI really drink that much tea?

Uncle Si of the Duck Commander clan is famous for sipping his bottomless cup of iced tea. But the makers of Uncle Si’s Iced Tea say he doesn’t drink it enough, and that’s why they’re suing Duck Commander.

What brand tea does Si Robertson drink?

Uncle Si’s Iced Tea
Uncle Si’s Iced Tea is a preferred beverage of the gray-bearded Vietnam veteran Silas Robertson, a star on “Duck Dynasty.” “There’s only one iced tea that carries my name,” says Uncle Si on a web site dedicated to the drink, which is “guar-on-tead to make you smile.”

Does Si Robertson have mental illness?

His behavior was really erratic as a child. When Scott would get tired, he would throw his arms out and fall backward… When Scott was angry, he was out of control and did a lot of damage.” Eventually, Scott was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and now leads a happy, healthy life.