Is playing the oboe dangerous?

Is playing the oboe dangerous?

Headaches, eye strain, and eye damage. The oboe is a high-resistance instrument. Playing these instruments a lot, especially when increased blowing force is required (high pitch), can put eyes at risk due to increased pressure.

Is oboe the hardest instrument to play?

The oboe: one of the more difficult woodwind instruments to play. The oboe is said to be one of the more difficult woodwind instruments to play. It first takes some time until the player can even produce a sound, and even then, a beginner has little ability to control it.

What is the best sounding brass instrument?


Why is oboe so expensive?

Some oboists of top American orchestras replace their oboe every year. Oboes are expensive for many different reasons, but the most important are the cost of the exotic woods and other materials, and the skill in craftsmanship. Do not despair, for I will also disclose some tips to make your oboe costs less severe.

What is the easiest wind instrument to play?


Are trumpet players good kissers?

Generally good kissers, some being comedians, and some being cannibals. Trumpet players: they’re used to a lot of obstruction around the lips, and while they put up with resistance well, they are not used to the texture changing or the notes coming back to them from another player.

What’s the easiest brass instrument to play?


What is the easiest band instrument to play?

Most elementary school band programs start with what’s called the “Big 5” instruments. These instruments include flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, and trombone. These instruments are the most common instruments to begin playing because they are fairly easy to learn, but they still take decades to master.

What is the easiest jazz instrument to learn?


What is the easiest instrument to teach yourself?

Top 5 Easiest Instruments To Learn

  • DJ Controller. The most fun way to get involved in music nowadays is to buy a DJ controller!
  • Piano. Another popular instrument to learn is the piano.
  • Drums. Drums are an incredibly fun instrument to learn!
  • Ukulele. One of the most popular instruments to start with is the ukulele.
  • Harmonica.

Can I teach myself saxophone?

You CAN teach yourself saxophone, yes, but without some kind of help it will be difficult and time consuming. But, if you suddenly want to play your saxophone right now and learn something new, simply log in and pick a lesson ! There is no right or wrong with learning how to play the saxophone.

What is the hardest brass instrument to play?

The Hardest Brass Instrument To Play

  • The French Horn is reputed to be one of the most challenging brass instruments to play.
  • Often thought of as the most difficult brass instrument to play well is the Piccolo Trumpet.

What’s the most played instrument in the world?

What Is the Most Popular Instrument to Play?

  • #1 – Piano. It might surprise you to know that 21 million Americans play the piano!
  • #2 – Guitar. The guitar comes in at a close second because of its own versatility, cost, and the fact that it can be accompanied or played solo.
  • #3 – Violin.
  • #4 – Drums.
  • #5 – Saxophone.
  • #6 – Flute.
  • #7 – Cello.
  • #8 – Clarinet.

Is playing tuba hard?

Learning how to play the tuba can be a fun and exciting adventure, but becoming comfortable with the larger-than-average instrument can be hard, especially for those who are new to the instrument, younger students, or those who feel they may be too small to handle the instrument.

Why is oboe so hard?

Learning the oboe can be extremely difficult because of its often counter-intuitive technique, issues with reeds, and the lack of experienced teachers and materials for the instrument.

Which is the hardest woodwind instrument to play?


Who is famous for playing the oboe?

Contemporary oboists best known for playing English horn (cor anglais) or oboe d’amore

  • Russ deLuna (born 1969), American.
  • Jennifer Paull (born 1944), English (oboe d’amore)
  • Christine Pendrill, English.
  • Louis Rosenblatt (1928–2009), American.
  • Grover Schiltz (1931–2012), American.
  • Thomas Stacy (born 1938), American *

Is saxophone easier than trumpet?

Yep, sax is easier to make a sound on than the trumpet. Even though any response other than “it takes years and years to get decent on either one” will incite angry responses from most jazz musicians, I’m going to be bold and tell you that the sax is something you may be able to play as a second instrument.