Is MSC Business College registered with Department of Education?

Is MSC Business College registered with Department of Education?

MSC Business College is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a Private Further Education and Training College as per legislative requirement.

Does MSC Business College offer bursaries?

As you are all aware, MSC Business College and SABC Education partnered to give more exposure to the fact that MSC Business College awards 150 bursaries on an annual basis.

What is MSC college?

A Master of Science degree programme focuses more on a curriculum based on hard facts, such as mathematics, engineering, medicine, or technology. This is in contrast to the other most popular Master’s degree, the Master of Arts, which typically focuses more on humanities classes, like communications or social sciences.

What courses does Boston City Campus offer?

Get your dreams started with Boston City Campus!

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management.
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Management Marketing.
  • Bachelor of Accounting.
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Law.
  • Higher Certificate in Paralegal Practice.
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management.
  • Bachelor of Social Science.

What courses does Damelin offer?


  • Diploma: Business Management.
  • Early Childhood Development.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Diploma: Hotel Management.
  • Higher Diploma: Legal Secretary.
  • Diploma: Accounting.

Who is eligible for MSc?

MSc: Eligibility Criteria As already hinted above, all candidates need to possess a bachelor’s degree in Science from a recognised college/ university. Minimum marks that candidates need to secure in graduation in order to be eligible for an MSc course is usually 50 – 60%.

Does Nsfas Fund Boston?

NSFAS funding is not available for courses at Boston City Campus but there are some other options. Fundi education loan company specialises in loans for studying. Have a look on the Fundi website. You can speak to one of the major banks because they offer student loans that will cover the cost of your course fees.

Does Nsfas fund Rosebank College?

Does NSFAS fund Rosebank College courses? No, they do not as Rosebank is a private College and NSFAS does not cover private college courses. Click here to find out about their funding options.

Can I transfer from Rosebank college to university?

Can I change campuses? Yes, you can change campuses if and only if the course is offered at the campus on which you wish to study. This would also depend on space availability.

How much is Damelin fees?

Damelin fees is R8,540 for Academic Session.

Why choose MSC business college?

MSC is registered and accredited with all applicable departments and SETA’s, ensuring your qualification is recognised and valued by industry. APPLY NOW! Blended Learning is a cornerstone of how MSC Business College operates, as we seek to optimise the student experience.

Why study at MSC?

At MSC you’re not merely a number. We keep our classes to a minimal size to ensure maximum student attention and more one-on-one facilitation. This ensures better communicators, a more engaging student and a higher quality of graduate. MSC offers a full range of qualifications.

How many campuses does Stellenbosch University have?

With 26 years experience and 14 campuses nationwide, we are one of the most established colleges in South Africa. Our classes have continued uninterrupted since we were established in 1991. APPLY NOW!