Is LDShadowLady alive?

Is LDShadowLady alive?

She currently lives in the North of England with her husband Joel, her cat, Buddy and her dog, Meri. From 2012-2015, Lizzie attended Liverpool John Moores University and studied Computer Animation & Visualization.

How old is LDShadowLady’s cat?

🌼🌺 LDShadowLady 🌺🌼 on Twitter: “And this is Buddy, he’s our 4 year old majestic cat” / Twitter.

What is LDShadowLady’s accent?

LDShadowLady (aka Lizzie) is one of the few British members on Zack’s server, along with Twoface240 and CrazyKickassKate. She is famous for her English accent, red hair and cute personality.

What is LDShadowLady’s real hair Colour?

I dyed my hair back to my natural brown colour a while ago but I don’t feel like myself anymore 😭 I’m going back to pink again soon…

Did LDShadowLady get married?

We finally got married on Saturday 11th May 2019. It was a beautiful day at Iscoyd Park and we were surrounded by our close friends and family.

Who is LDShadowLady’s cousin?

My cousin, @_wendythewhale_ would be jealous! 😜”

Who is LDShadowLady friends with?

Lizzie is good friends with YouTubers StacyPlays, Joey Graceffa, Yammy, and TheOrionSound. She can also be seen playing on servers with lots of friends too.

What is SmallishBeans cats name?

Smallishbeans (@Smallishbeans) on Twitter LDShadowLady’s cat, Buddy sleeping with the camera.

What is Shadowcraft 2?

” ShadowCraft 2.0 ” is a Minecraft single-player series, created by LDShadowLady (Lizzie). The series is the second season of ‘ShadowCraft’ ,named after the Shadow part from her online name.

What version of Minecraft does shadowcrafts use?

ShadowCraft 2.0 was played in Minecraft version 1.7.2, an upgrade to the original ShadowCraft, that was played in 1.5.2 (At the time of ShadowCrafts premier, 1.8 was the latest update) At the time of ShadowCrafts roll-out, the other series on her channel during the period included ‘Crazy Craft 3.0’ and her frequent ‘Build Battle’ videos.

How long did Shadowcraft run?

ShadowCraft 2.0 ran for almost exactly a year, with the first episode premiering on May 17th 2015, and the final episode premiering of May 16th 2016.

Why did Lizzie end Shadowcraft?

It’s reported that Lizzie ended ShadowCraft because she ran out of ideas to do in the series, although it’s also noted that it could have possibly ended because the world corrupted and Lizzie lost much of the progress she had made in the world, causing her to stop playing. – This could explain why ShadowCraft 2.0 never got an official finale.