Is grifter a hero or villain?

Is grifter a hero or villain?

A.T.S. Grifter (Cole Cash) is a fictional superhero who has appeared in books published by Wildstorm Productions and DC Comics. Created by artist Jim Lee and writer Brandon Choi, he first appeared in WildC.

Why is grifter in DC?

GRIFTER IN THE DC UNIVERSE After the team disbanded, Cash was abducted by Daemonite aliens who activated his telepathic and telekinetic powers. Grifter went on to star in his own short-lived solo series in the early days of the New 52.

Who is Flashpoint Red Hood?

Jason Todd (Flashpoint Timeline)

What are Grifters powers?

Powers and Abilities

  • Psionic Strength.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Grifter possesses superhuman reflexes that allow him to easily catch arrows and freeze bullets with his telekinesis.
  • Superhuman Speed.
  • Superhuman Agility.
  • Simulated Invulnerability.

Who was the guy in the red mask in flashpoint?

Cole Cash (Flashpoint Paradox)

Does DC own Wildstorm comics?

Originally founded as an independent company established by Jim Lee under the name “Aegis Entertainment” and expanded in subsequent years by other creators, WildStorm became a publishing imprint of DC Comics in 1999….WildStorm.

Industry Comic books
Parent DC Comics (WarnerMedia)

Is Supergirl in Flashpoint?

Two Barry Allens and Supergirl Featured In New Image From ‘The Flash’ Movie. The image comes as part of the first footage from the film. One of the biggest reveals of DC FanDome was a first look teaser at the upcoming The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller who reprises his role from Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

What does grifter mean in Spanish?

grifter n. US (swindler) estafador nm. Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.