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Is custom built hyphenated?

Is custom built hyphenated?

I agree that custom built needs to be hyphenated in an adjectival phrase, such as custom-built computer. But when not used in an adjectival phrase, as in “custom built locally,” I see no reason to hyphenate.

Is it custom build or custom built?

verb (used with object), cus·tom-built, cus·tom-build·ing. to build to individual order: The company will custom-build a kitchen cabinet to your specifications.

What is meant by custom build?

: built to individual specifications a custom-built house.

What is another word for Custom Built?

What is another word for custom-built?

custom customisedUK
personalizedUS commissioned
custom-made tailor-made
made-to-order specially made
custom-tailored bespoken

Should built in have a hyphen?

The rules regarding hyphens in compound adjectives are these: If the compound adjective is right before the noun, use a hyphen: Built-in types. A well-educated student.

Is custom fitted hyphenated?

Custom made vs. custom-made. If the term is followed by a noun, i.e., when it is an adjective, we place a hyphen.

Can bespoke be a verb?

Bespoke is an adjective, but it’s also the past tense of the verb bespeak, which commonly means to ask for in advance (as in I need to bespeak your help) or to reserve beforehand (as in You need to bespeak a table, sir). But bespeak is rarely used as a verb anymore—it sounds very outdated.

What is custom made application software?

What is Custom-Made Software? Custom software is, as the name suggests, software that has been made specifically for the use of certain individuals or businesses, typically either by a third-party development team or by in-house developers.

How do you say custom made?

Synonyms & Antonyms of custom-made

  1. bespoke.
  2. (also bespoken),
  3. custom,
  4. customized,
  5. custom-tailored,
  6. made-to-order,
  7. tailored,
  8. tailor-made.

What is the opposite of custom made?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for custom-built. mass-produced, ready-made.

Which is correct built-in or in-built?

Built-in (adj): included as part of something and not separate from it. In-built (adj) is used less frequent: Meaning is the same as above.

Is it built-in or built-in?

Actually, this is written “inbuilt” and not “in-built”. It is an old (1923) chiefly British synonym for built-in.