Is CID ended?

Is CID ended?

CID began airing in 1998 and was pulled down in 2018.

In which episode of CID Abhijeet join?

Portrayed by Aditya Srivastava, Abhijeet is a Senior Inspector in the CID Bureau. He joined the CID team in “The Case of the Stolen Dynamite” in June, 1999 as an Inspector. He is best friends with fellow Senior Inspector, Daya.

How many years did CID completed?

20 years
CID is one of the first crime-based shows. The plot is based on solving murder mysteries CID entertained the audiences for over two decades. “Having completed 20 years, CID is the longest-running cult show on Sony Entertainment Television.

Will there be CID Season 2?

There have also been several rumours that the cop drama may be revived with the same cast. Giving clarity on the same, Shivaji Satam told Hindustan Times, “Producers are talking to revive CID in a different kind of format. Yes, talks are on, but there is nothing concrete. It’s still in the air.”

When was Aditya Srivastava born?

July 21, 1968 (age 53 years)Aditya Srivastava / Date of birth

Is CID coming back in 2020?

The makers of CID had decided to re-telecast the show amid the novel coronavirus lockdown in 2020.