Is Chardonnay a white wine?

Is Chardonnay a white wine?

Put simply, Chardonnay is typically produced as a dry white wine, as opposed to sweet, and is often medium- to full-bodied. But this doesn’t mean there isn’t any sweetness to speak of! It’s important to keep in mind that ‘sweet’ can mean different things for different people.

Is Novellum Chardonnay oaked?

Year after year, the Novellum Chardonnay is lauded for being one of the best values in Chardonnay. Because the wine is un-oaked, many restaurants have found it to be a terrific “by the glass” options as the Novellum works quite well with food.

What kind of wine is Chardonnay?

white wine
Chardonnay is a white wine that comes from the green-skinned grape variety of the same name. A cross between the Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc grape varieties, Chardonnay grapes were first grown in the small village of Chardonnay, located in the Burgundy region of France.

Is Chardonnay an expensive wine?

Chardonnay and Riesling: The world’s most expensive white wines include Chardonnay and Riesling.

What is the best brand of Chardonnay?

Take a trip around the world with this list of the best chardonnays to drink right now.

  • Best Overall: 2018 Benovia Chardonnay Russian River.
  • Best Under $20: 2019 Avalon Chardonnay.
  • Best Under $50: 2018 Flora Springs Family Select Chardonnay.
  • Best Under $100: 2017 Maison Champy Pernand-Vergelesses En Caradeux Premier Cru.

How do you pick a good Chardonnay?

Seek out Chardonnay wines that are not aged in oak. Look for tasting descriptors that indicate no oak including lean, mineral, fresh, white flowers, and citrus blossom. Most unoaked Chardonnay should be drunk young, although there are several examples (particularly in Chablis) that will age a decade or more.

Is Chardonnay more dry than Pinot Grigio?

Features. Chardonnay wines generally have a dry, strong and full taste. Pinot Grigio wines, on the other hand, are also dry, but are light in taste and spicy in nature.

What is the difference between Chardonnay and Merlot?

Chardonnay is a white wine, and Merlot is red wine. Merlot has flavors like strawberry, cedar, and tobacco when grown in cool climates. Moderate to hot temperatures produce chocolate, blackberry, and cherry flavors. These flavors are vastly different than Chardonnay, which tastes like honey and tropical fruit.

Which is sweeter Chardonnay or riesling?

Sweetness-Dryness When discussing Chardonnay vs. Riesling, the Riesling wines tend to be medium-bodied, mildly sweet, or dry. They all tend to have some type of fruity flavor. On the other hand, Chardonnay is a medium-bodied wine with mild acidity and is usually dry rather than sweet.

Is Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay better?

Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay are both excellent wines in their own respects. Oaked Chardonnay offers richer textures and buttery flavors than unoaked Chardonnay, which offers a dryer, more fruity palate. Or, if you prefer your white wine with a light, crisp, and floral taste, Pinot Grigio is the way to go.

Does Chardonnay taste like Moscato?

Both Chardonnay and Moscato wines can be quite sweet, but on average, Moscato is sweeter. Chardonnay tends to be on the drier side, whereas the popularity of today’s Moscato has encouraged wineries to produce sweeter and sweeter wines.