Is Arat gym a girl or boy?

Is Arat gym a girl or boy?

Instagram has found a new kid sporting sensation in the guise of Arat Hosseini. The 5-year old Iranian boy has caused a storm via his social media handle with his footballing skills. Originally believed to be a girl, he was already famous in the web due to his physical training regime from a much-more early age.

How old is Arat gym?

Arat is a Football player, Instagram Star, Athlete from Iran. Now his age is only 7 years. Arat was born on 30 September 2013 in Iran.

Who is the father of Arat?

It never occurred to Mohamed Hosseini that his son, Arat, who was born on 30 September 2013, would one day become a social media sensation. But that is precisely what he is now, as more than four million followers on Instagram can attest.

Is Arat Hosseini Indian?

The 7-year-old Iranian boy has a huge fan following given his incredible football skills. Hosseini boasts of 5.7 million followers on his Instagram account, which is managed by his father.

Is Arat Hosseini in Liverpool?

Eight-year-old viral star Arat Hosseini has confirmed his departure from Liverpool. The Iranian youngster went viral online thanks to his videos of his insane dribbling, which earned him close to 6m followers on Instagram and a nickname of ‘the Iranian Messi’.

Is Arat Hosseini Messi son?

Hosseini aka the mini-Messi’s driving force is his father, who has taught him all he knows and is as dedicated as the kid himself. Hosseini Sr has been sharing films of his son for years now and has amassed a huge following on all major platforms, but especially Instagram, where he has 5.6 million followers.

Does Arat play Liverpool?

“Goodbye Arat from Liverpool Academy forever,” Hosseini reads the post on his Instagram account. “When Arat and the Liverpool academy can not be useful to each other, the best decision is to go.” Arat Hosseini is leaving Liverpool as “the best decision is to go.”

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Where is Arat from?

Arat Hosseini, born in Iran and currently residing in Liverpool, is a wunderkind, the likes of which we have probably never seen — and if his name is among the top football players some years from now, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Why did Arat Hosseini leave Liverpool?

Liverpool have lost viral wonderkid Arat Hosseini from their academy as they ‘cannot be useful to each other’. Hosseini boasts a following of 5.8m on Instagram and was once tagged as the ‘little Lionel Messi’ due to his outrageous skills on social media.

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