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How much does football pitch cost?

How much does football pitch cost?

The average cost for a brand new, full sized, 3G artificial grass pitch (AGP) for football is around £600,000. However, overall, artificial football pitches can cost anywhere between £300,000 and £900,000 depending on a number of factors. These factors include: The overall size of the pitch.

How much does a 7 a side pitch cost?

7 a Side Pitch Costs 7-a-side football pitch costs approximately 80k dependent on the type on sports fencing, sports floodlighting required. The football pitch dimensions for this are usually 30m x 20m but do vary due to budgets and funding.

How big is an all weather pitch?

3,000 sq/m
Generally, an all weather pitch measures 3,000 sq/m or larger and is equipped with the surface and drainage characteristics to provide safe, outdoor play in varied weather conditions. If your facility is smaller, then talk to us about a multi use games area.

What is a SG pitch?

SG = Soft Ground Soccer Cleats As you can see in the picture, a soft ground playing surface is a natural grass pitch that has a cushioned, wet base, in which soccer cleats will penetrate a lot more than in firm ground. Soft ground fields are usually where professional soccer players play at.

How much is a 5G pitch?

Construction and cost The average cost of a 5-a-side 3G pitch is around £50 per square metre, meaning a total cost of £25,000 for the 500 square metres we recommended earlier. If you’ve decided to splash out for a 4G pitch, that cost would rise to £35,000. Standard 5-a-side goals are 12 x 4ft.

How much does 3G pitch cost?

Sessions are 90 minutes. Weekday evenings (Mon-Thurs) from 7.00pm – 10.00pm are charged as peak time….ARTIFICIAL PITCH PRICES.

Douglas Eyre Sports Centre (3G) Peter May Sports Centre (3G)
Off Peak full pitch £149 £149
Off Peak half pitch £88 £88

What is a 5G pitch?

A 5G Football Pitch is an artificial turf surface used for football. The 5G football surface is rubber filled all weather pitch specification.

What boots are best for 4G pitches?

The best style of boots for a 4G pitch are those with plastic moulded studs. Wearing football boots with metal studs on a 4G pitch can damage the surface and even cause injury to the player.

What is an all weather pitch made of?

All-weather pitches are synthetic sports pitches constructed in artificial grass. These sports surfaces can be line marked for multi-use sports so one court can be used for a football pitch, rugby pitch, basketball court, netball court, and hockey pitch.

What are 5G pitches?

How much does it cost to install a 4G pitch?

Depending on the specific dimensions involved, as well as the type of absorbing base required, fitting an artificial pitch in England can cost anything between £300,000 and £500,000. It is estimated that the additional revenue generated from an artificial pitch could be as high as £165,000 per year.

How long does a 4G pitch last?

Generally, good quality synthetic turf should last for 8 years. Assuming around 40 hours of play a week, with correct usage and maintenance, an artificial pitch should continue to meet the appropriate standards for the 8 years.

What is an all-weather pitch?

An all-weather pitch is a sports facility near me which can be used throughout the year during any type of weather. All-weather pitches closest to you are porous facilities meaning that water can drain through easily; this means that the facility will not get flooded or waterlogged over time.

What are the different types of pitch surfaces?

All Weather Pitch Surfaces The surfaces we usually install include porous macadam, recycled rubber EPDM polymeric and all weather artificial grass. These can be constructed to different specifications, designs and dimensions depending on your requirements.

What are the advantages of all weather pitches?

All-weather pitches are great for nearby schools and local sports clubs, as they can be used any time of the year meaning that players will not miss out on playing the sports due to wet weather conditions. These types of facilities are often used for multisports.

How much does a multi-weather facility cost in the UK?

Multi Use All-Weather Facility – this generally tends to be a sand based product and the rates currently lie within the UK at approx. £17 per m²