How many people in Japan know their blood type?

How many people in Japan know their blood type?

3,355 Japanese people
According to a 2016 survey of 3,355 Japanese people, 99% knew their blood type. Wow! But why all the blood knowledge? In Japan, blood types are considered an important indicator of a person’s personality.

Which blood type is best in Japan?

O group
The O group is labeled as natural leaders and interestingly, most Japanese Prime Ministers belong to this blood type group. They are experts in expressing their thoughts and opinions constructively which makes them good leaders.

What blood type is 7% of the population?

There are 4 main blood groups: A, B, AB and O, of which group O is the most common. In the United States, the average distribution of blood types is as follows: O-positive: 38 percent. O-negative: 7 percent.

Which race has the highest percentage of type A blood?

Asian: 39% O-positive, 27% A-positive, and 25% B-positive. Caucasian: 37% O-positive, 33% A-positive, and 9% B-positive.

What blood type are most Japanese?

The system makes more sense when you realize the Japanese have a more even distribution of blood types than Caucasian-majority populations. 30% of Japanese are Type O, 40% are Type A, 20% are Type B, and 10% are type AB. That’s more than twice as many people with “rare” blood types.

Do Japanese discriminate based on blood type?

Many people in Japan and Korea have been discriminated against because of their blood type. Employers ask blood types during interviews despite the warnings they have been given. Children at schools have been split up according to their blood type.

How many people in Japan have type a blood type?

About 40% of the Japanese population is type A and 30% are type O, whilst only 20% are type B, with AB accounting for the remaining 10%. Four books describing the different blood groups characteristics became a huge publishing sensation, selling more than five million copies.

What is the most common blood type in Asia?

In the Western world, O and A types make up almost 85% of people, but in India and Asia, B types predominate. Japan, he says, is unusual in Asia in that it has more variety of blood types.

How many people have O+ blood?

Blood type distribution is also varied among different ethnic and racial groups. Since type O blood is that which can be used for anyone, it is almost always in short supply at hospitals. If you have it, you should think of donating. About 42% of the global population has type O+ blood but just 3% have type O-.

How common is blood-type harassment in Japan?

It sometimes manifests itself as prejudice and discrimination, and it seems this is so common, the Japanese now have a term for it – bura-hara, meaning blood-type harassment. There are reports of discrimination against type B and AB groups leading to children being bullied, the ending of happy relationships, and loss of job opportunities.