How many medical deaneries in uk?

How many medical deaneries in uk?

There are thirteen postgraduate deans in England, four in Scotland, one in Northern Ireland and one in Wales. Each will have an associated area where they are responsible for all trainees but due to the number of trainees in Wales and Northern Ireland, there is only one postgraduate dean for the entire nation.

What are the LETB in uk?

Local Education Training Boards (LETBs) in England, and deaneries in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, are responsible for the education and training of health and public health workers at a regional level.

How many deaneries can you apply to?

You can apply for a maximum of two different deaneries, with each deanery having its own shortlisting process.

What is my deanery?

Each deanery is responsible for coordinating postgraduate medical and dental education within a given region, to standards that are set by the General Medical Council and the General Dental Council. Deaneries are each advised by a Specialty Training Committee (STC), which includes consultants.

What is the London deanery?

The London and South East Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education (formerly London Deanery) is responsible for postgraduate medical training in London. Key schemes for GPs provided by the Deanery include: Courses and Conferences both for GP trainees and trainers, as well as a range of conferences.

What is Oxford deanery?

The Oxford Education Deanery is a research-engaged professional learning partnership. Its aim is to draw on the expertise of University-based specialists to support local teachers’ professional learning and so improve outcomes for pupils in local schools.

Which deaneries are most competitive?

London is the most competitive This means that for every place available, roughly 3 candidates applied in 2021. This was closely followed by North Central and East London. South Thames was the least competitive of the London Foundation Schools with a competition ratio under 1.

Which foundation schools make the most satisfied doctors?

The Foundation Schools with the happiest trainees are Severn, Peninsula and Northern with scores of 69, 67 and 67 respectively. Interestingly, Northern also features as one of the Foundation School with the most manageable workload, which you can read more about here.

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Which deanery is Oxford?

Thames Valley
The Thames Valley Local Office (previously referred to as the Oxford Deanery) coordinates the delivery and funding of postgraduate medical and dental education in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.