How many bombs have exploded in Bangkok?

How many bombs have exploded in Bangkok?

A total of six bombs exploded at three locations in Bangkok on Friday, while Thailand was hosting a high-level meeting attended by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his counterparts from China and several Asia-Pacific countries. And one explosive device was recovered before it blew up, a senior police officer said.

Where are the bombings in Thailand?

On 10 March 2019 a number of small explosions occurred in Satun City and in Patthalung Province in the south of Thailand. Since January 2004, there have been regular attacks in Thailand’s southernmost provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, and in the southern four districts of Songkhla province.

Was a large bomb exploded at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok?

A large bomb exploded at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok in 2015, resulting in numerous casualties, including the death of a British national.

What is a ‘ping-pong bomb’?

A “ping-pong bomb” – a device involving a ping pong ball packed with ball bearings – exploded in the Suan Luang area, Uicharoen said. The blasts occurred while the Thai capital hosted a Southeast Asian security meeting with top diplomats from the United States, China and other world powers.

Is the Bangkok shrine bombing linked to international terrorism?

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Are the Bangkok blasts linked to evidence?

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