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How long is the Chinese medicine program to be fully completed in IMU?

How long is the Chinese medicine program to be fully completed in IMU?

What is IMU’s Chinese Medicine Programme About? The programme consists of 4½ years (12 semesters) of academic and clinical training.

Is TCM regulated in Malaysia?

to Statutory-Regulation Currently, T&CM in Malaysia is under self-regulatory mode. T&CM Practitioner Bodies are appointed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to self-regulate the practitioners through the compliance of codes of ethics and practice.

What can I do with a degree in Chinese medicine?


  • Become a Hospital Acupuncturist.
  • Work in an Integrative Healthcare Clinic.
  • Work at an Established Acupuncture Practice.
  • Sail the World as a Cruise Ship Acupuncturist.
  • Teach Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.
  • Conduct TCM Research Projects.
  • Open your Own Acupuncture Clinic.

What is a doctor of TCM?

Program Overview. The Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine is 10-semester program that deeply explores areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as psychology, oncology, gerontology, acupuncture detox, research and the classic texts that first recorded the principles of this powerful and ancient system of medicine.

How do I know if TCM is registered?

To view and download your valid e-Certs, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the PRS.
  2. At the left menu, click “Administration” followed by “View Certificates”
  3. To view the e-RC or e-PC, please click on the hyperlink on the validity date under.
  4. “Current Registration” header.

Does TCM help fertility?

With TCM helping with infertility conditions such as reducing inflammation or improving blood circulation and the functions of reproductive organs, some patients may even be able to conceive naturally without the need for invasive surgeries or hormonal drugs.

What type of Doctor is a dom?

Doctors of Oriental medicine (“OMD” or “DOM”) are trained in the use of herbal remedies and acupuncture (acupuncturists are licensed in 34 states, including California). Their diagnostic and treatment methods are rooted in belief systems that go back thousands of years.

How do I become a Doctor of Chinese medicine?

Must complete an accredited course of study that can document at least 1,905 hours (about 3 years full-time schooling) of didactic and clinic education. Must complete at least 2,625 hours (about 4 years of full-time study) of didactic and clinic coursework in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

How much do TCM doctors make?

The salaries of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners in the US range from $39,440 to $135,950 , with a median salary of $74,710 . The middle 60% of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners makes $74,710, with the top 80% making $135,950.

How do I become a doctor in China?

Physician training To become a medical doctor, a person needs to study for 5 years at a medical school. For foreign or international students, the person needs to study for 6 years at the medical school, namely because the Chinese version is accelerated.

Is Chinese physician a doctor?

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine or other alternative therapies should not call themselves “Dr” unless they possess a general medical qualification and are registered with the GMC.

Is TCM a registered medical practitioner?

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Act, which was passed in Parliament in 2000, requires all TCM Practitioners to be registered with the TCM Practitioners Board. The registration of TCM Practitioners began in 2001 with the registration of acupuncturists.

What is TCM?

TCM encompasses many different practices, including chinese herbal medicine, dietary therapy, acupuncture, moxibustion, tui na (Chinese massage), guasha and more. To provide the value-based medicine through best available TCM specialities.

How many institutions in Malaysia offer Chinese medicine degrees and courses?

4 institutions in Malaysia offering Chinese Medicine degrees and courses. 4 institutions in Malaysia offering Chinese Medicine degrees and courses. Plan your studies abroad now. Where would you like to study in Malaysia?

How to become a TCM doctor in China?

Students will need to complete five months of internship at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Shandong University of TCM or Tianjin University of TCM. They will graduate with sound traditional medical knowledge backed by established scientific principles, which they can apply to a successful career in TCM.

Why study traditional Chinese medicine at TCC?

Teached classic and professional approaches to healthcare by highly qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. Provides students with a strong foundation in TCM clinical practices & treatments. Equips students with more than 2,200 hours of practical training. This profession will be regulated by the Ministry Of Health.