How is the nature of planning?

How is the nature of planning?

Planning is important as by nature it enquirers about organizational goals and involves decision making about desired ways and means to achieve goals. Planning is the process by which managers establish goals and define the methods by which these goals are to be attained.

Which of the following is benefit of planning?

(a) Planning is a pre-requisite for controlling. (b) Planning does not lead to rigidity. (c) Planning enables a manager to look ahead and anticipate changes. (d) Planning facilitates co-ordination among departments and individuals in the organisation.

Which of the following is limitation of planning?

Answer: Two limitations of planning are as follows: (i) Planning leads to rigidity In an organisation, a well-defined plan is drawn up with specific goals to be achieved within a specific time frame. These plans then decide the future course of action and managers may not be in a position to change it.

What is planning in writing process?

Planning. Planning refers to the use of a deliberate and organized approach to tackling a writing task and includes a writer’s first thoughts or basic ideas about the topic. Students who struggle with writing generally do not plan ahead; rather, they compose their text as they write.

Which of the following is a feature of planning?

Features of Planning – Primary Function, Pervasive, Future Oriented, Goal-Oriented, Continuous, Intellectual Process, Aims at Efficiency and Flexible. There are a lot of views about the features of planning.

What do you understand by characteristics of planning?

What Are The Characteristics of Planning? There are so many characteristics of planning. Those are: 1) Planning contributes to the objective, 2) Planning is the Primary Function of management, 3) Planning is futuristic, 4) Planning is continuous, 5) Planning involves decision making. 2.

Why is it important for writers to plan their purpose for writing?

It helps a writer organize their thoughts. It helps a writer process the order of those thoughts so they can organize them effectively for their audience. It can facilitate a better understanding of audience and rhetorical situation.

What is planning one word answer?

(plænɪŋ ) 1. uncountable noun. Planning is the process of deciding in detail how to do something before you actually start to do it.

What are the characteristics and purposes of planning?

Characteristics of Planning – Primary Planning, Contribute to Objectives, Intellectual Activity, Higher Efficiency, Flexibility and Consistency. Planning decides the objectives, goals and course of action in advance and the method of implementing and achieving the plans.