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How is intersubjectivity related with care love respect and responsibility?

How is intersubjectivity related with care love respect and responsibility?

Intersubjectivity is another term for communication. It relates with care in the sense that it becomes a key to human connection. Finally, intersubjectivity relates with responsibility through the way an individual becomes aware of what they are expected to do and what they might be blamed for in the long run.

What do you think drives you to join or not join the activity?

Answer. I think voluntariness drives me to join or not to join the activity because its on the person to decide to do things or not to do it according to his own free will.It also means that even though she/he is not required to do such things he/she could still do it or act on it.

How is freedom related to self determination?

While self determination is a trait which you are encouraged to do a thing in order to achieve success and satisfaction in life and without hesitation to do that action. Freedom is related to self-determination because freedom itself allows us to be determined enough to achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves.

How can self reflection aid you in exercising freedom?

Answer. Self-reflection requires deep and prolonged thinking. Thus, decisions that are well-thought out rationally tend to be more sustainable. The important thing to note is that, our freedom to make choices shouldn’t be taken for granted, so we should dedicate time to self-reflect over them.

How can you show respect for the freedom of others Brainly?


  1. Be Polite.
  2. Use Respectful words all the time.
  3. Be calm and respect their own opinion.

What is the essence of freedom to you as a human person?

However, the pure essence of freedom is freeing yourself to be who you are no matter who you are. To free yourself from the fear of others knowing who you are and respecting yourself for who you are, are the most crucial steps for inner peace.

What makes a person free?

A free person will ignore negative judgement from others because they know what’s best for themselves. They also avoid handing too much power over to people with overbearing and forceful personalities. Free people don’t give in to peer pressure and meaningless obligations that don’t benefit them.