How hard is the Mortirolo?

How hard is the Mortirolo?

The Passo Mortirolo is one of the hardest cycling climbs there is. It’s around 11.5km and averages nearly 11% to the 1,852m summit. The maximum gradient is 18%. The Mortirolo is not historically important, its profile is irregular and the scenery is not particularly attractive.

How long is the Mortirolo?

11.6km long
Mortirolo is a climb in the region Lombardy. It is 11.6km long and bridges 1295 vertical meters with an average gradient of 11.2%, resulting in a difficulty score of 1576. The top of the ascent is located at 1852 meters above sea level.

How dangerous is the Mortirolo Pass?

The Mortirolo Pass, Passo di Mortirolo in Italian, is one of the few climbs in the world that strikes fear even in the hearts of professional riders. The peleton is always nervous when the Giro d’Italia passes through Mortirolo. The climb from Mazzo di Valtellina is the ‘official’ route.

What is the elevation of Mortirolo Pass?

/  46.24802°N 10.299143°E  / 46.24802; 10.299143 The Mortirolo Pass ( Italian: Passo del Mortirolo) (el. 1852 m.) is a high mountain pass in the Alps in Italy. Also known as Passo della Foppa, it connects Mazzo di Valtellina ( province of Sondrio) and Val Camonica ( province of Brescia ).

What is the Passo di Mortirolo?

The Passo di Mortirolo is one of the most brutal climbs. This is the climbing! The most famous climbing in the world of cycling, the most loved, the most desired, the most feared. There are several routes to reach the summit. Starting from Monno, the ascent is 9.61 km long.

What is the gradient on the Mortirolo Pass?

Even Alberto Contador goes for 34/32 when climbing the Mortirolo Pass. The climb’s maximum gradient of 18% is shortly after the church. Once you reach the Pantani Monument, you can give yourself a bit of encouragement knowing that the worst is behind you and there is only about a 1/3 of the climb left.