How had Elie changed in a short time quizlet?

How had Elie changed in a short time quizlet?

In a short time, Elie has learned to think of his own survival first. He has become callous, and does not react when his own father is hurt. He is starting to lose confidence in his God and his faith seeing all the horrible things that have happened and are being done to everyone just in the last couple of weeks.

Why does the crematory no longer make an impression?

The crematory no longer makes a impression upon the Holocaust to the Prisoners because everyone was desensitized to it.

What does Elie’s only concern become?

What does Elie’s only concern become? Elie’s only concern becomes food/eating.

Why was water the worst poison for Elie’s father?

In Night, water was the worst poison for Elie’s father because it was polluted with fecal matter, which was the cause of his dysentery. Drinking it would simply bring on another round of diarrhea.

How old is Elie at the end of Chapter 7?

fifteen years

Was Buchenwald bombed?

On the 24th of August, 1944, the Americans came over and they bombed Buchenwald because of the two huge factories.

What do the liberated prisoners do first?

Once the liberation took place, all the prisoners wanted was to eat. Elie recounts the events that happened after they were freed. Our first act as free men was to throw ourselves onto the provisions. Later on Elie gets sick from something in the food.

How did Elie Wiesel change in night?

Elie’s awareness of how his experiences are changing him is a central theme in the book. Although he does ultimately survive the concentration camps, at the time of his release, he is depleted both physically and to the depths of his soul. Elie loses his faith in God and his ability to love others.

Why did the gravediggers throw the corpses of the train?

When the train stopped what did the SS officer make the prisoner’s do? They were ordered to throw out all the dead corpses from the train. Prisoners rejoice at the thought of more room on the train. Prisoners stripped the corpses of their clothes (more clothes/ more warmth) as gravediggers took the bodies.

How many died at Buchenwald?

56,000 die

What happened to Elie’s father?

Elie’s father dies in Chapter 8 when he is taken to the crematorium while Elie is asleep. Chlomo’s health progressively deteriorates during their long march to Buchenwald so that he is barely alive, yet Elie desperately keeps him from dying.

How did Elie Wiesel change?

Elie is affected in the following ways: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Holocaust had changed him into a completely different person. Physically, Elie basically changes from a healthy human being into a walking skeleton. The Jews can be described as “skin and bones”.