How do you say hello in NZ slang?

How do you say hello in NZ slang?

Kiwi Lingo

  1. Kia ora – hello, goodbye, thank you.
  2. Haere mai – welcome.
  3. Haere rā – goodbye.
  4. Whānau – family.
  5. Wāhine – woman.
  6. Tāne – man.
  7. Whare – house.
  8. Āe – Yes.

Is there a New Zealand accent?

The New Zealand accent is one of the most distinctive English accents — and it’s also one of the trickiest. Here’s everything you wanted to know about the kiwi accent.

Why do Kiwis say bro?

Bro: An endearment for a close friend, usually a male. Munted: When something is really broken or someone is highly intoxicated. As in “That fulla is munted!” Stoked: Pretty happy and chuffed about something.

How do Kiwis say six?

Where … we speak a little bit lower and say “fish and chups” rather than “fish and cheeps,” ah, which is how you can always tell an Australian from a New Zealander, or say “six,” ’cause we say “secks” as in the number six and they say “seex.” I think I’ve probabl y…

What do NZ call thongs?

Jandals: Flip flops/thongs. A bit like going barefoot, which Kiwis love! Togs: Swimming wear.

What do Kiwis call English?

Pommy or Pom The terms Pommy, Pommie and Pom, in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand usually denotes an English person (or, less commonly, people from other parts of the UK).

Why is the New Zealand accent so weird?

Explanations. In the past people complained that the New Zealand accent was due to laziness or bad influences. Today it is thought to be based on the accent of south-east England, where most migrants came from. The accent spread quickly among children in schools.

How do you say goodbye in New Zealand?

Haere rā – nearly as common as ‘Kia ora’, Haere rā means goodbye, farewell or bye-bye and is said to someone leaving.

How do Kiwis pronounce vowels?

Vowel Pronunciation Australians tend to pronounce their vowels with more emphasis on the sound [ee], whereas New Zealanders are more prominent with [u] sounds.

Do New Zealanders say wee?

South Islanders often use the word wee to describe something little, as the Scots do. They use the word stoked a lot more over here than we do back home.

How to make a phone call to New Zealand?

How to make a phone call. New Zealand’s country code is “64”. When calling New Zealand from abroad, you must also dial the area code (without the “0”). For example: 00 + 64 + city area code + local number. If you want to call abroad from New Zealand, you must dial “00” followed by the country code of the country you call to.

What language do you speak in New Zealand?

New Zealand was the first country to declare a sign language as an official language in 2006

  • After World War Two,the Maori language was discouraged until a movement in the 1960s revived the language
  • The Maori did not have a written language before British settlers arrived in New Zealand
  • New Zealand uses the Qwerty keyboard layout
  • How to speak like a New Zealander?

    – Quite nice: something that is unpleasant. – To have a mare: to make a fool of yourself. – Sweet As: agreed, or good. This phrase is occasionally confused by non-Kiwis as being a compliment to the bottom. – Yeah-nah: No thank you. Kiwis say “Yeah-nah” when they want to say no without giving offence.

    What language does New Zealand speak?

    New Zealand’s national language is English, which is spoken by at least 96 percent of its population as a native language. In spite of this, New Zealand English is about as distinctive as Australian English.