How do you reset a Concept 2?

How do you reset a Concept 2?

Hard Factory Reset Hold down the Units and Display buttons and use a paperclip to depress and release the “Reset” button in the back of the monitor. Continue holding the buttons down for at least 7 seconds or until the display flashes “Setting Factory Defaults” shows briefly. Then, release the buttons.

How do you charge a Concept 2 PM4 battery?

Recharging the Battery Recharge the rechargeable battery by connecting the PM4 to a computer using a USB cable. To fully recharge the battery, we recommend leaving the PM4 connected to the computer for at least eight hours or overnight.

How long do batteries last in Concept 2?

Under normal circumstances, a set of Alkaline D cell batteries should last in a PM3 or PM4 for about 350 hours of operational time, and about 200 hours of operational time in a PM5.

How do you check lifetime meters on a Concept 2 rower?

Lifetime Meters are displayed at the bottom of the screen….Viewing Lifetime Meters (Odometer)

  1. On the Main Menu, select More Options.
  2. Select Utilities.
  3. (PM5 Only) Select More Utilities.
  4. Select Product ID.
  5. Select More information.

How do I clear the memory on my PM5?

Click Delete Results. Select the LogCard or USB Flash Drive user you want to work with, or PM5 Memory. Select either Delete ALL of the user’s workout data or Delete all workouts before: and indicate the date. Click OK to delete the selected results.

Does Concept 2 need batteries?

The Performance Monitor takes two AA batteries. For instructions on replacing the batteries, refer to PM2/PM2+ Battery Removal and Replacement.

How do you charge a Concept 2 PM5?

If you have a mains outlet near the PM5, simply plug a printer USB cable into it and use a good quality cellphone charger and leave it turned on. You can then leave the USB stick in the monitor. Carl Watts. Concept 2 Monitor Service Technician & indoor rower.

How long do concept rowers last?

Here’s what they had to say: “The Concept2 machines are designed to last a lifetime. We have people that are part of the 40+ million meter club!