How do you increase damage in brave frontier?

How do you increase damage in brave frontier?

If the unit deals damage to an enemy of the weaker element, damage is increased by an elemental damage multiplier. The base elemental damage bonus starts at 150%. Elemental buffs and extra elements added to attacks do not benefit from the elemental damage multiplier and will only receive a +50% damage bonus.

What is Rex type in brave frontier?

Rex is a Unit Type that has always existed in Brave Frontier, but not released as an official Unit Type. It was teased in the Easter 2018 dungeon where the Burst Queen Units could drop as Rex Type. Rex Type features superior overall parameter growth over the other Types, most notably in its max HP growth.

How do you get SP in brave frontier?

Specialty Points SP is earned in the same manner as raising BB levels: Fusion. You get a free 10 SP when you unlock the customization. Each Omni unit can have a total of 100 SP. To get the other 90 SP, you have to fuse to get it.

What is REC in brave frontier?

REC – This stat determines how much healing a unit receives from potions & Heart Crystals.

What is DoT reduction brave frontier?

DoT Mitigation (also known as DoT Reduction, formerly known as Additional Damage Reduction) is an effect that reduces damage taken from DoT (Damage over Time). DoT mitigation is passively capped at 50% (with the exception of Colosseum where it is not capped) and will not go higher if attempting to do so.

What does burst Queen do?

Using them as an ingredient in Fusion imbues one with a momentary burst of near god-like power–useful for accelerating one’s skill and prowess.

What do golems do in brave frontier?

They have been observed to gather at volcanic hotspots and splash around in lava. Used for Bonding eligible units and increasing Bond Levels.

What does the Omni frog do?

Omni Frogs are a variant of the Frog units that gives SP rather than BB or Sphere space.

How do you get a burst frog in brave frontier?

How to Obtain

  1. Frontier Hunter reward.
  2. Victory Tournament reward.
  3. Daily Login Rewards.
  4. Daily Spin.
  5. Honor Summon (event only)
  6. Grand Quest – Various conditions.
  7. Special Events: The Sibyl Sisters: Chance to find on the third wave of all the Sibyl’s dungeons.
  8. Reward from completing Egor Mountains and Ignia Cavern.

What does recovery do brave frontier?

Recovery is a parameter or stat for every in game unit, and what it does is raises the rate of how fast you regenerate health from healers and heart crystals.

Does DoT stack brave frontier?

Loving Bonds Wintia’s 15% DoT mitigation on her SBB and Bright Star Persenet’s 20% DoT mitigation on her BB will not stack with each other. Whichever unit reaches to the enemy target last will have their DoT mitigation buff active.

Does mitigation stack brave frontier?

Mitigation Properties All types of buffed mitigation stack multiplicatively with each other. There is no cap to buffed mitigation.